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Controversy over Creation and Evolution: Christians Battle it Out

By: for Religious Press Release Services on April 15, 2011
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Birmingham, AL, USA —The notion that the Catholic Church is monolithic on the questions surrounding creation and evolution is hardly accurate. In fact, Christians are deeply divided over the issues. There is an intense debate among believers about how to interpret the Creation account of Genesis, the age of the earth, and whether Darwin was right.

June 15-18, these questions and many more will be debated by some of the top minds representing the three most prominent views of Creation within the Christian faith. All three of these men are Christians, but they vehemently disagree about how to understand Genesis: Dr. Hugh Ross (Reasons to Believe) will present the Old Earth Creationist view; Dr. Terry Mortenson (Answers in Genesis) will speak on behalf of Young Earth Creationism; and Dr. Michael Behe (Discovery Institute) will represent the ID-Theistic Evolutionary view. In addition, John Lennox (Professor of mathematics and philosophy of science at Oxford University), will offer his own perspective on the issue.

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