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Gopal Krishna Goswami Is Progressively Recovering from COVID-19

By: for ISKCON News on Sept. 18, 2020

Gopal Krishna Goswami serving on the altar

After a period of repeated fevers, late August it had been confirmed that Gopal Krishna Goswami tested positive for Covid-19 and was admitted to a hospital in New Delhi — making the worldwide ISKCON community very worried.   

However, Gopal Krishna Goswami soon got better and on September 4th, was discharged from the hospital and arrived back at ISKCON Delhi. 

In the past two weeks, he has been recovering very nicely,  now he is back serving on the altar and started to take small speaking engagements.

Although he participates in occasional Zoom meetings, He’s still not mixing with devotees other than his personal assistants.

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