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Harinama Sankirtana Bus
By Pranata-karuna Das   |  Nov 19, 2022

In the Baltic States, devotees have been using a bus for the last several years to travel in large numbers around Europe. This program has been very successful so much so that it has become somewhat of a spiritual legend for 11 years in 23 countries!

However, the bus is now 27 years old and by next year, it won’t pass the examination/inspection.  The harinama devotees are pleading for donations to help them continue this mission by buying a new bus.

So far 17,116 euros have been collected, and still, an additional 38,180 needs to be collected by April 2023 so that they may start the Harinam tour in May 2023.

If you have the opportunity, then please make a  donation or set up a recurring payment with any amount that is convenient for you.



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