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ISKCON Nairobi Temple Gets Upgraded Facilities
By Dvaraka Vasini Dasi   |  May 30, 2014

Soft kirtan. Many people. Some seated while others usher the guests. Brahmanas. Many young devotee boys with chaddars tied on their head. Gopal Krishna Goswami and Deputy Chief Justice, Kalpana Rawal present. Everyone is anxiously waiting. This was the scenario at the Sri Sri Radha Bankebihari temple, Nairobi on the 24th of May 2014 during the inauguration ceremony of the newly upgraded facilities.

Sri Sri Radha Bankebihari Deities made Their advent in Nairobi, Kenya in 1972 when Srila Prabhupada personally installed Them. At that time the Temple had a few facilities and very few devotees ran the temple. The temple gradually grew from a small place to a bigger one in 1994, when Gopal Krishna Goswami installed Sri Sri Sita Rama Laksmana Hanumana and inaugurated the new temple.

Gopal Krishna Goswami gives a talk during the plaque unveiling ceremony

The day began by welcoming the guests, after which the yajna (fire sacrifice) ceremony began. All the sponsors who had donated for the upgraded new facilities were given an opportunity to be parts of the ritual.

After the fire sacrifice, Gopal Krishna Goswami unveiled the new plaque outside the temple’s main door. This was followed by the Prasadam Hall opening ceremony by the son and daughter-in-law of Narendra Rawal, one of the major donors, and Atul Parmar, who donated all the tiles. The new kitchen was opened by Kalapi Jani and family. The elevator opening ceremony was performed by Kiran Dhall and family, while the new wing of the temple Guest House was opened by Vimal Vyas.

The opening of the prasadam hall

It was a great pleasure for the temple president Umapati Das to see the donors present and being part of the grand opening ceremonies. It is with their great support that Sri Sri Radha Bankebihari temple has been able to have the new contemporary facilities.

At the end of the celebration there was a sumptuous feast, which was served in the renovated Prasadam Hall.

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