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ISKCON Represents Hinduism at Global Interfaith Event
By Vasundhara Gupta, ISKCON News Contributing Writer   |  Aug 21, 2021

A Global interfaith convention was held in the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India, on August 5th, 2021. Frontmen and thinkers of various religions across the globe were part of it. 

Esteemed individuals like Bhikku Gyanlok from Buddhism, Harpal Singh from Sikhism, Shailendra Jain from Jainism, H.G. Madhusmita Das, an ISKCON devotee, represented Hinduism in the convention. Many more leaders were representing other faiths. 

The head of the International relations, CMS, Shishir Srivastava mentioned, “This conference is very timely and will prove to be a great confluence of different faiths and ideologies. There is a need to explain to future generations that all faiths lead to the same supreme power. This conference will definitely prove helpful in establishing an atmosphere of unity, peace, and harmony in the society,” she said. 

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