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MANtra Retreat for Men Goes Virtual This Weekend
By Contributor   |  Nov 20, 2020


The Annual MANtra, Men’s Retreat, usually held in New Vrindaban, USA, is going virtual this year and it all happens this weekend beginning Friday evening November 20 (EST), and continues through Sunday, Nov. 22.  All men are invited ages 16 and up. 

This annual men’s sanga will feature interactive sessions with leading devotees of all ages and backgrounds including Mahatma, Chaitanya Charana & Sutapa, Bhuta Bhavana, Namarasa, Raghunatha, Partha, Kaunteya, Anuttama, Madhvacarya, and Gopal Lila prabhus; kirtans by Gauravani and Amala Harinam prabhus; comedy by Yadunatha prabhu; and a special world premiere drama “Rolling the Dice” by Bhaktimarg Swami.

Topics include “Vaishnava Masculinity,”  “Men, Marriage and Myth,” “Fatherhood,”  “Pornography, Pernicious and Prevalent,” “Empowerment,” “Brahmacari Ashrama—The Spirit Still Matters, and So Does the Form,” and more. Participants can link in and out to the sessions of interest to them or tune into the full 16 hours of programs.

“As men in ISKCON, we aspire to please Srila Prabhupada and contribute to his mission,” said organizing team member Partha das of Canada. “To do so we have a need to associate together to build our inspiration, vision, and enthusiasm. Please join us!” 

Devotees are requested to register NOW at:


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