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Mind Games

By: for on Oct. 2, 2013
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"The mind translates reality."

During our life journey we are perpetually accompanied by the “voice within”. Yes, we’ve all experienced it - the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, each giving their words of wisdom to the confused person in-between. The mind is that voice; essentially a storehouse of memories and experiences that offers live options to the individual. While many identify themselves with the mind, the Bhagavad-gita defines it as a subtle instrument at our disposal – an instrument which needs to be strictly controlled and eventually befriended. Why? 

The Mind creates reality: everything starts in our heads - thoughts to words to actions to habits to a character, which ultimately designs our destiny. What we contemplate, consider and generate conviction in through the thinking process, will determine what we practically strive for in life. 

The Mind translates reality: all of the situations and interactions (that we have created) are then translated by the mind. Depending on our state of mind, we experience a proportionate amount happiness, growth and contentment in response to the rollercoaster journey of life.

An uncontrolled mind will agitate, misguide and implicate the soul, forcing us to glide down to the lower nature of lust, anger and greed. That mindset emphasizes problems in every opportunity, dissatisfied with the present and perpetually hankering for a better future. The controlled mind, however, acts as a friend on our spiritual journey, helping us to make progressive and healthy choices which create wellbeing on all levels. That mindset is able to identify opportunities in every problem, ever-satisfied come what may. Now it makes sense: it’s all in the mind.

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