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Nairobi: Peaceful Initiations Amid Bomb Blasts and Terror Attack Threats
By Dvaraka Vasini Dasi   |  May 22, 2014

On May 16th, 2014, at least 10 people were been killed and scores more injured in a twin bombing in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The first explosion occurred in a minibus, the second in the large open-air Gikomba market.

Luckily, no ISKCON devotees were injured.

On May 18th, amid bomb blasts and terror attack threats, Nairobi ISKCON had a very peaceful and jubilant initiation ceremony. ISKCON-guru Gopal Krishna Goswami gave spiritual initiation to 38 devotees. 26 of them took Harinam initiation,  while 12 devotees took Brahmin initiation.

Most of them were from Nairobi, Kenya; one devotee was from Arusha Tanzania, another devotee was from Mombas, Kenya. 

Gopal Krishna Goswami who is the ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner for East Africa, is now on a 10-day visit to Kenya and Uganda. 


Gopal Krishna Goswami giving initiations lecture

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