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Odyssey Networks Captures Faith Response to Protesters` Eviction from Zuccotti Park

By: on Nov. 16, 2011

Occupy Faith NYC calls the spirit of the Occupy movement "a revival "

New York, NY (Nov. 16, 2011) — Odyssey Networks was on the scene yesterday after #OWS was dismantled from Zuccotti Park, and a large contingent of occupiers gathered at Canal Street and 6th Avenue. A group of multi-faith leaders and communities arrived in the temporary space to handshakes and warm greetings from the occupiers, and addressed the crowd with spiritual encouragement. As police arrived, protests heightened, and tensions built, faith leaders stood as a "moral witness," praying for peace that leads to justice, and for both the occupiers and the police force.

The video story "Faith Leaders Respond to Evictions from Zuccotti Park" can be viewed at

"This is a transformative moment," said Rev. Michael Ellick, a founding member of Occupy Faith NYC and Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church.

"We are starting to see all the faith communities stepping out and raising their hands and saying, ‘we are with them'. This [movement for justice] represents the heart of our traditions. [The occupiers] led us and they taught us...they are a revival for us."

Other video stories about multi-faith news on this week include a look at "Occupy DC: Praying for Change" paired with Walter Brueggemann's ON Scripture article about how Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24 speaks to the Occupy movement. Odyssey also examines the faith response to the "Tar Sands" proposal and their victory in delaying the Keystone XL oil pipeline plans. At the end of the week, Odyssey will deliver a feature story on the violence at Occupy Oakland and the faith leaders who were arrested there while supporting the movement.

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