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  • The Coronavirus Mercy

    Sometimes I wonder, do we forget we are going to die? What is the difference between dying from any other situation or dying from corona virus?

  • Four Principles of Community Building

    How interesting that community building starts with our own internal work. How we show up, how we set our minds, how we hold radical responsibility, and how we value those around us.

  • Fear, Coronavirus and Detachment

    When I read the news this morning, I got scared. People all over the world are starting to brace themselves in fear of the coronavirus epidemic.

  • With Mercy, Nothing Is Impossible

    My sister—19-year old, wheelchair-bound, muscular-dystrophic Madana-mohana-mohini dasi--was the No. 1 female book distributor in Pune, India last December.

  • Nityanandashtakam

    Lord Nityananda is the most ecstatically merciful, dearest brother of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

  • The Inner Child

    "Somewhere along the lines I veered off track. I’ve lost my simplicity, my childlike innocence and the humble sincerity that I started this journey with."

  • The Great Ruler Who Lived Miserably and Died Pitifully

    Hiranyakashipu had all the riches of the world but still it wasn’t sufficient enough to buy him happiness. He was the most powerful person of the universe, but he was always insecure.

  • Stating the Obvious

    Sometimes, for convenience,  we choose not to see what we don’t want to see.

  • Cold Showers

    The best things I ever did were often the very things I passionately resisted in the beginning. The things I avoided, argued against and convinced myself were unnecessary – those were the things that brought me the invaluable jewels of growth.

  • Needs, Loss, and Krishna

    The evolution from seeing Krishna as the supplier of our needs to seeing him as our greatest need usually takes many lifetimes.

  • Cheaters to Teachers

    You have a 20-second window to make an impression – they stop, you size them up, put in a spiritual pitch, something interesting, inspirational and endearing, and wait for a reaction – hit, miss or blank… anything could happen! One thing is for sure – people are perceptive. They can sniff out any sense of superficiality, selfish motive, or insecurity within moments.

  • Give Me hope

    Hope, faith, inspiration and enthusiasm, which give us the hunger for life, are perhaps our most precious assets – if we have those, we have everything.

  • Should We Forgive Those Who Have Hurt Us?

    We all have heard the virtue of forgiveness a number of times. But we all know how difficult it is to forgive someone especially those who have intentionally tried to make our life miserable.

  • Bursting Bubbles

    It’s easy to get boxed into our own little worlds, sealed in a bubble and oblivious to reality, losing perspective and drowning in ethereal thoughts.

  • Time I Am

    "Why do I have to die? Why do I have to suffer? / But wait it will not. That minute is gone now and  / then another and another takes its place." 

  • How to Enjoy Unlimited Happiness in 2020?

    2019 is gone. 2020 is in. Most of us are busy welcoming 2020, hoping that this year will bring unlimited happiness and will fulfil all our unfulfilled desires. We are also hoping that this year we should not be subjected to any types of miseries.  

  • What Will I Carry With Me Into the New Year?

    We all have stories about ourselves that become part of our identity, part of how we self-identify. These stories don’t just go away, or have to continue – but they don’t have to be a part of who I am.

  • Walking In This World

    "Can I walk the world in grace, in anonymous  humility, offering myself to selflessly give, as an invisible guide, like the scent of roses?"

  • Free Food Worthy of the Gods

    In 2014, ISKCON Seattle started a novel way of reaching out to the homeless through "burrito sankirtan". Every Saturday, the devotees go to University of Washington (UW) area and distribute hot burrito prasad along with kirtan and book distribution. The program attracts the homeless and UW students alike. The efforts have grown further now. The temple acquired a food truck, which goes out every Saturday and serve out hot prasad for free. 

  • How to Attain Life’s Ultimate Goal Even in This Life?

    Love for the Lord is inherently present in us but due to our diseased condition we are not able to exhibit it or experience it now. 

  • The Jewel in The Crown: A Night of Appreciation of the "Spiritual Beatle"

    “It’s a subtle mind-shift between entertainment and appreciation” says our host Sakshi Gopal das, having greeted us all warmly this chilly Friday eve, 29th November 2019, “but let’s all appreciate what we owe George Harrison. Where would we be without him and the Beatles?"

  • Bent Out of Shape

    It happens and will continue to happen - someone says something to us, or about us, and we feel the emotions rise. We get ‘bent out of shape’, can’t stop the replay in our mind, and practice all kinds of imaginary ways to respond to it.

  • How to Become Qualified to See God?

    Many a times we come across people who challenge us by asking, If God exists then why can’t we see him? But there are so many things in this world which we can’t see but we believe in its existence. 

  • Sunrise

    This morning I watched the sunrise and marveled. What a blessing to see it and experience awe. It should be a daily tonic - to stand and soak it in, this moment of majestic movement. One could call it living yoga, feeling deeply connected to the source of light, and life, for this small world.

  • The Creator’s Cruelty and the Saints’ Selflessness

    The more we help others overcome worldly illusions by equipping them with spiritual insights and practices, the more we become spiritually absorbed ourselves and go beyond worldly illusions.