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Purification Puts the Mind in the Silent Mode
By Chaitanya Charan Das   |  Oct 27, 2018

When we are working on something important, if we are repeatedly disturbed by our phone’s beeps, we will put it in the silent mode.

Just as our phone disturbs us externally, our mind disturb us internally. For example, it often points, prompts and pushes us towards tempting objects. If we could put it in silent mode, we could get so much more done.

Can we silence our mind? Yes, by purifying the impressions stored in the mind.

Let’s understand how an impure mind is noisy and a pure mind quiet. Suppose two people go on a daily commute to their workplace, and along the way, there’s a bar. When they pass by the bar, if one of them is an alcoholic, their mind will start whispering or even screaming at them to go and have a drink. If the other is a teetotaler who has no inclination to drink, they will pass by the bar without feeling any disturbance. The Bhagavad-gita (06.27) states that the mind becomes peaceful when it is cleansed of impurities.

We can purify our mind most efficaciously not so much by removing negative impressions as by cultivating positive impressions. These impressions will prompt and propel us towards a positive purpose, and that absorption will enable us to neglect distractions more easily. If the alcoholic were going for a meeting that they consider vitally important, their focus on that meeting would enable them to neglect the bar even when they pass by it.

The process of bhakti-yoga connects us with all-pure Krishna, thereby purging us of impurities and surcharging us with desires to love and serve Krishna. As these divine desires get impressed within our consciousness, they prompt us to become joyfully absorbed in Krishna and his service, while muting and eventually eliminating the mind’s distractions.

Think it over:

  • How is an impure mind noisy and a pure mind quiet?
  • What is the most efficacious way to purify the mind?
  • How does bhakti-yoga purify our mind?


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