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Articles tagged as Abortion

  • Stating the Obvious

    Sometimes, for convenience,  we choose not to see what we don’t want to see.

  • One of the Best Pro-life Speeches by Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor
  • Dark Science: Abortion Organ Harvesting Rooted in the Philosophy of Scientific Materialism

    Scientific materialism is essentially a philosophy of death. Its philosophical delusions literally block the mind of a scientist from being able to recognize that this human being is worth more than the collection of its parts.

  • "It's a Girl" - Documentary Trailer

    The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls are missing in the world today because of this so-called "gendercide".

  • See The Beauty - Melissa Ohden - Abortion Survivor

    Melissa is alive today because a nurse and medical support staff saw her inherent beauty and saved her life after a failed saline abortion. She was adopted into a loving family that fell in love with her the first time they laid eyes on her.

  • Abortion Foes Rally in Washington, Spurred by Pope

    Thousands of marchers braved freezing temperatures in Washington to demand an end to abortion in the USA, with Pope Francis tweeting his support.

  • Pope Calls Despairing Single Pregnant Mom

    Pope Francis seems to be calling just about everyone. Mostly recently, he called a women encouraging her to drop the idea of abortion. 

  • Abortion Viewed in Moral Terms

    Regardless of their views about the legality of abortion, most Americans think that having an abortion is a moral issue.

  • Birth Control Myths
    Abused, unloved, unwanted, neglected children are an image of pain that tugs at the heart of any caring person. And what is modern technology's answer? Birth control. Politicians, scientists, educators, and even religious leaders advise contraception—and its commander in reserve, abortion—as the answer to many social and economic woes.
  • Duchess of Cambridge’s Baby: It’s a Girl!
    The child - now known to be a girl – will be third in line to the throne, although why this fact should be of interest to the world is a mystery to me. One of the most famous embryos in the history of the world was the child of Uttara and Abhimanyu, Pariksit by name. He was the grandson of the celebrated Arjuna – another royal – and even in the womb he was attacked.
  • Russia's Church, Lawmakers Want to Limit Abortion
    Russia's Orthodox Church teamed with Conservative parliamentarians Monday to push legislation that would radically restrict abortions in a nation struggling to cope with one of the world's lowest birthrates.
  • Thousands of Abortion Opponents Rally in Washington
    Thousands of bundled-up abortion opponents rallied Monday on the Mall, encouraged by recent federal and state GOP wins and hopeful about proposed measures that would further tighten bans on federal funding for abortions.
  • Bishops Criticise Holding of Abortion Seminar
    The Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland have criticised the holding of a conference dealing with abortion.
  • Becket Fund to provide free defense for religious hospitals against government-ordered abortions
    The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty threatened to sue the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) if it tried to force religiously affiliated hospitals to perform abortions against the conscientious objections of their doctors and nurses.
  • Defense For Religious Hospitals Against Government-ordered Abortions
    In the USA the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty provides free defense for religious hospitals against government-ordered abortions.
  • US Pharmacists Win Right to Refuse to Sell 'Morning After' Pill

    Attorneys for the State of Washington told a federal judge that the State would seek to create new rules for pharmacists with conscientious objections. The new regulations would give the plaintiffs in the lawsuit--the owners of Ralph's Thriftway pharmacy and two pharmacists—what they've wanted all along: the right to refuse to stock or dispense Plan B (the so-called "morning after pill") based on their conscientious objection.

  • Obama Wants Supreme Court Nominee Who Supports Abortion
    President Obama said that it is "very important" to have a justice who interprets the Constitution as protecting individual rights, including women's.
  • Spanish Senate Approves New Abortion Law
    Spain approved a sweeping new law that eases restrictions on abortion, declaring the practice a woman's right and doing away with the threat of imprisonment, in part of a drive toward liberal policies that has angered conservatives and the Catholic Church.
  • Dying to be Born

    If we have to take birth again in this world there are some places we might prefer over others. Ireland, for example, would be a good choice. In that fine land abortion is mostly illegal, giving you a fair chance of emerging from the womb in one piece. But not everyone is happy about that.

  • Obama Administration Moves to Rescind Abortion Rule

    WASHINGTON - Taking another step into the abortion debate, the Obama administration will move today to rescind a controversial rule that allows health care workers to deny abortion counseling or other family planning services if doing so would violate their moral beliefs, according to administration officials.

  • Obama to Lift Restrictions on Abortion Funding

    US President Barack Obama will lift restrictions on U.S. government funding for groups that provide abortion services or counseling abroad, reversing a policy of his Republican predecessor George W. Bush, an administration official said.

  • Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Possible Reversal

    WASHINGTON -- The outgoing Bush administration this week will finalize a regulation establishing a "right of conscience" allowing medical staff to refuse to participate in any practice they object to on moral grounds, including abortion but possibly birth control and other health care as well.

  • The Truth on Trauma in Abortion
    SOMETIMES light begins to shine into corners where there has been darkness for a long time, perhaps generations. Today, in Australia, the public is being offered much more information on the causes, side-effects and consequences of abortion.