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  • New Film Is A Window Into Bhagavad-gita’s Timeless Wisdom

    Light of the Bhagavata, a new 25-minute film by ISKCON guru and GBC Bhaktivaibhava Swami, brings to life the timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita.

  • ISKCON and GEV Get UN Environment Programme Support to Teach Eco-Friendly Values Using Bhagavad-gita

    ISKCON temples all over the world are being invited to reach out to their local private and public schools to ask them to register students for the Value Education Olympiad 2021.

  • Gita Made Easy Course 2021

    Study Gita-Chennai is launching Gita Made Easy Course 2021. This course is free of cost and T is available in both English and Tamil

  • When Helping Others Is Compassion and When It Isn’t …

    While helping the deprived, we need to consider why they are deprived.

  • Seek More to Connect Than to Correct

    Intelligence is a tool for thinking; it’s like a sword for cutting through confusions. Just

  • How to Respond When Someone Hurts Us?

    When someone speaks harshly or acts cruelly toward us, how we respond depends primarily on their disposition.

  • ISKCON Devotee Achieves World Record by Reciting all 700 Verses of Bhagavad-gita From Memory in 73 Minutes

    Krishna Chandra Das of the ISKCON Daiva Varnashrama Ministry (IDVM) has been included in the World Book of Records for reciting all 700 verses of the sacred text Bhagavad-gita from memory in the minimum time of 73 minutes.

  • How Depressed Desire Leads to Depression

    The Gita provides empowering spiritual practices that can enable us to control our desires, not be controlled by them.

  • Avoiding the Duryodhana Delusion
  • Czech Devotees Livestream Reading of Entire Bhagavad-gita For Gita Jayanti

    Devotees in the Czech Republic read the entirety of Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is online during a nonstop 27-hour live broadcast on the sacred occasion of Gita Jayanti, December 25th.

  • Live to Give Campaign to Distribute 2 Million Bhagavad-gitas by World Gita Day

    Devotees around the world are aiming to distribute at least two million Bhagavad-gitas during the last quarter of 2020, as part of the Prabhupada marathon and the Live to Give campaign.

  • UK's Bhaktivedanta Players Release Bhagavad-Gita Audio Drama to Celebrate Gita-jayanti

    The nearly hour-long play consisting uses carefully chosen music and dramatic sound effects to make listening to the most important conversation in humankind a memorable experience for the audience.

  • The Chariot Driver

    A good chariot driver sees things others may not, can prompt the right moves, and be there to encourage and support as the warrior makes difficult fighting decisions.

  • Conflict-Resolution and the Gita

    Mature spiritual understanding is not relinquishing responsibility, but assuming responsibility with wisdom. 

  • The Answer Lies in our Hands

    What if there was one simple solution for all your problems? Something so easy that even a child could do it? Something which costs nothing, is available to everyone and ultimately ends all suffering?

  • Without Attachment

    Beneath all apparent differences of race, nationality, sexual orientation or ethnic origin, everything that lives is a spark of that Supreme Being. Are we not, then, all family?

  • Down to Earth

    The spiritual world is not an impersonal place – it’s a place of wonderful exchanges, deep friendships and loving interactions.

  • Why Couldn’t the Pandavas Resolve their Conflict Peacefully?

    Not all conflicts are caused by misunderstandings alone; many are caused by malevolence.

  • Re-loving the Gita

    I am now older and wiser in the practice of Krishna Bhakti and yet it still moves me, still delights, still informs. 

  • Why Helping Others Doesn’t Always Help Others

    One of the best ways to inspire people to take responsibility is to equip them with spiritual wisdom.

  • The Self at War

    How do we embrace pain? How do we overcome what we fear most?

  • Why Lying to Ourselves Is So Dangerous?

    Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, put it well, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

  • How Does Humility Differ From Low Self-esteem?

    For us to persevere through life’s various challenges, we need the fundamental conviction that we can make a difference.

  • The Invisible Spaces of Life

    "Slow down, breathe and peer deeper into the mystery of the everyday."

  • How the Unexpected Reveals the Unknown

    Just as the unexpected revealed Arjuna’s character, and by the Gita’s guidance, took him toward healthy choices, Gita wisdom can guide us wisely when we too encounter the unexpected. 

  • 5 Minute Meditations Podcast Presents Practical Gita Philosophy for Public

    The podcast boom has accelerated in the first half of 2020, perhaps partly due to the appetite for more streaming content while people stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. ISKCON devotees have also embraced the medium.

  • Life out of Balance

    The current Covid-19 has brought collective pain, fear, and unexpected difficulties. We have to ask – what is out of balance?

  • The You You Don’t Like - People As Products Of History And The Yogic Remedy

    The capitalist definition of God’s will for humanity was to pursue piety within productivity. After all, had recent discoveries not proven that God’s plan was for the pious to become wealthy?

  • What the Gita Says About Anger

    Should we join the protests? Should we speak out against a government that oppresses black men and women and attacks those wishing to publicly object to such racism? As devotees, should we protest at all? Is meddling in politics the business of Vaishnavas? Yet if we decline, are we not part of the apathy that perpetuates such injustice?

  • Gita Life Online Course Taught by Sutapa Das, UK

    Over 10 thought-provoking and interactive sessions, the Gita Life online course will be taught by Sutapa Das who will provide a chapter-by-chapter summary, giving very relatable themes and life lessons from the Bhagavad-gita.

  • 10,800 People Attend 'Gita Made Easy' 18-Day Online Course

    “Gita Made Easy”, an 18-day online course designed and facilitated by Amarendra Gaura Das and Sukirti Madhavi Dasi from ISKCON Chennai started off as a course aimed at an audience of 300, ended up with 10,800 people signing up.

  • How To Hold Others Accountable Without Becoming Judgmental

    Though we need to make judgments when holding people accountable, we needn’t become judgmental.

  • We All Have The Opportunity To Save Lives

    During a pandemic, the medical care providers are the frontline warriors. Actually, we all have the opportunity to save lives. How? By understanding what life is and what saving it means.

  • Needs, Loss, and Krishna

    The evolution from seeing Krishna as the supplier of our needs to seeing him as our greatest need usually takes many lifetimes.

  • Gita Coach Invests in Devotees to Help Them Succeed

    Starting at London’s Radha Krishna Temple, and now based in Croatia, Akrura has coached more than one thousand devotees over the past twenty years.

  • History made in British Parliament -- With Bhagavad Gita As It Is

    During the traditional swearing-in ceremony within Parliament's  main debating Chamber,  in his right hand he took a copy of Bhagavad Gita As It Is, along with the traditional King James Bible.

  • Gita Jayanti - The Topmost Knowledge Divulged

    5244 years ago, on the battlefield of Kuruksetra, the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna delivered the most confidential and topmost knowledge to Arjuna, a warrior prince, and to humanity at large, in order to help all devotees understand the purpose of life.

  • What Makes Us Resilient, or Weak?

    What makes some people resilient and some people weak? It’s primarily because of the way they look at things, especially when they go wrong. 

  • Winning the War Against Temptation

    Those who relapse aren’t always witless or will-less, they are often weapon-less.

  • The Essence of Commitment Is Recommitment

    Why do we deviate? Because our mind is restless. We become committed when we learn to maintain focus in spite of our mind, not because our mind maintains focus.

  • Complaining Is No One’s Birthright

    Some people are chronic complainers who justify their negativity, irritability and disagreeability self-righteously, “Can’t you see how many things have gone wrong in my life? What else do you expect from me?”

  • Find Your Own Story

    The world is like a mega-theater where multiple stories are being enacted. Herein, we can enact a grand story, provided we understand ourselves.

  • Sivarama Swami Presents Bhagavad-gita As It Is at Hungary's Largest Bookstore Chain

    The book has been available in translation for many years in Hungary, but could only be obtained through book distributing devotees. However, 2019 has been announced to be the year of Bhagavad Gita in Hungary, therefore the organizers thought it was timely to make the Gita available through bookshops.

  • Mind Your Mind Before Minding Anyone Else’s Mind

    When someone’s misbehavior irritates us, we may tell them off: “Why are you letting your mind take you for a ride?”

  • To See Our Own Stupidity Is Infuriating and Invigorating
  • Respect The Dark Within You

    We all have an enemy within us: our dark side. This dark side is comprised of our lust, anger, greed, envy, arrogance and illusion. Such dark drives are stored as impressions in our mind.

  • New School Textbook Teaches Success in Life Through Bhagavad-gita

    A new textbook for schools in the Telegu language, entitled “Bhagavad-gita for Complete Success in Life,” has been written by an ISKCON devotee and published by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD), the organization that manages the famous Venkateswara temple. 

  • Indian Prime Minister Modi Unveils 800 Kg Gita at Delhi Temple

    Dubbed “The Astounding Bhagavad-gita,” the book measures 2.80 x 2.00 meters (9 x 6.5 ft) and is billed by its creators at the Mediterranean branch of the BBT as “the largest principal sacred text ever printed.”

  • Krishna Doesn’t Promise a Stormless Sea – He Provides an Unsinkable Ship

    When we practice bhakti, we often expect to become freed from problems. And if that expectation is not met, we become disheartened.

  • Spiritual Seekers Dive into Gita and Bhakti on Picturesque Tenerife

    Fifteen people from the North London and Cambridge area participated, many of whom were already interested in yoga and wanted to learn about Bhakti too.

  • Love Is The Limiter of Freedom – And Its Fulfiller Too

    We long to be free. And we long for love. Yet love and freedom don’t seem to go together.

  • We Can’t Nourish Our Souls Amidst People Who Are Out To Sell Theirs

    The word “soul” sometimes refers non-literally to the things that matter the most to us. Such a non-literal usage features in the phrase “to sell one’s soul.”

  • 800 Kg Bhagavad-gita Set to be Largest Sacred Text in the World

    The giant book is funded by ISKCON Italy through donations and designed by the Mediterranean branch of the BBT, which claims it will be the largest sacred text in the world. 

  • God Is The Supreme Controller, But Not The Sole Controller

    Some people say, “Everything that happens is God’s will.” They may think that such a statement conveys their unquestioning faith, but does it really? Or does it raise disturbing questions that detract from God’s goodness?

  • Purification Puts the Mind in the Silent Mode

    Just as our phone disturbs us externally, our mind disturb us internally.

  • I Am Sending You to a Desert Island with the Bible...

     One of my favourite BBC Radio Four shows is Desert Island Discs. At the end of every show the guest is figuratively sent to the island with a copy of the Bible and the entire works of Shakespeare. They can also have a book of their own choice and some important item.

  • ISKCON Leaders Call On The Prime Minister of India

    Gopal Krishna Goswami updated the Prime Minister with the various programs and activities being carried out by ISKCON – in India and internationally. He invited the Prime Minister to unveil the world’s largest Bhagavad Gita which was designed and printed in Italy by a dedicated team of devotees led by Madhu Sevita Das.

  • Krishna’s Devotees – Too Busy To Be Lazy

    As long as we are living in this world we have to act, none of us can remain idle and not do anything.

  • Pro BMX Rider Pursues Adventure, Finds Krishna

    Professional BMX freestyle rider Joris Coulomb always chased adventure. He didn’t realize that one day it would take him to a place of deep meaning where all his questions about life would be answered.

  • What We See Depends On What We Want To See

    When we function in the world, our desires direct our vision, consciously or subconsciously.

  • “The Rap of God” Brings the Gita to a Contemporary Audience

    Prabhupada disciple and Gainesville Krishna House leader Kalakantha Das may not be your typical rapper. He is, after all, in his words “a sixty-four-year-old white guy.” But his new book “Bhagavad-gita: The Rap of God” is already getting rave reviews from contemporary audiences. 

  • Courage to Dream – Courage to Hand our Dream over to Krishna

    Achievers often talk about the courage needed to dream big and to work untiringly for actualizing the dream.

  • Dead End: Losing Our Way to Find Our Way

    Life sometimes brings us to a dead end. In the face of overwhelming obstacles, everything seems lost. We feel as if we have lost our way completely, not knowing where to go or what to do.

  • Humility Transforms a Protest Against God Into a Prayer to God

    When we face perplexities or adversities, we may protest, “Why is this happening to me?” And if we accept God as the supreme controller, we may protest against him, “Why are you letting this happen?”

  • Timeless Possessions

    Last week, a friend requested some ancient insights on stress management. Gita to-the-rescue again.

  • From Possessions that Dispossess to the Possession that Delivers

    The Bhagavad-gita (16.13-15) outlines how the possessive mentality can make people ungodly, even demonic.

  • 700 Students Receive Bhagavad-gita in Surat

    The program organized by Ramlila Das, a youth outreach coordinator in Surat, included skits, prayers, kirtana and a lecture by Bhakiprem Swami.

  • Being Merciful to Others

    We like to think of ourselves as innocent people who are misunderstood but Krishna, in the Bhagavad-gita, has another judgment.

  • Our Journey Needs to Begin Where We Are, Not Where We Ought to Be

    During our life-journey, we sometimes take wrong turns. We make mistakes, indulge in immoral pleasures or get caught in harmful habits. These take us away from our life’s purposes and principles.

  • ISKCON Bloomington, USA, Offers 10-week Gita Course for Children

    BMI-Bhaktivriksha in Bloomington, Illinois, USA conducted its first 10-week course of Bhagavad Gita As It Is for children from ages 9-16. The initiative was met with great enthusiasm, and all the twenty-eight children who participated in the program graduated and received their certificates during a ceremony on Saturday December 16th.

  • One Drink Is One Too Many

    When recovering alcoholics have stayed sober for some time, they may feel tempted: “Let me take just one drink – what harm can it do?”

  • ISKCON Nashik, India, Holds Its First Gita Contest For Teachers

    After successful organization of the Bhagavad Gita contest for school children in 2014-15, wherein more than 3,000 students participated, Shikshashtakam Das (Chief, ISKCON Nashik, Maharastra, India), immediately had a thought to do it for the teachers next time.

  • BBT Brazil's Crowdfunding Success for Large Scale Bhagavad-gita Print

    “Without a doubt, the most exciting element of the campaign was to see the cooperation of the devotees, leaving their differences aside and uniting in a common purpose. It was possible to see how Prabhupada's books are powerful and go beyond anything we can imagine. They are not just books, but tools for individual and collective illumination," says” BBT Brazil director Nanda Kumar Das.

  • The Reality of the Spiritual World

    The spiritual world exists not just at a different location but at a different level of reality.

  • Gita Courses at the Bhaktivedanta Academy, Mayapur

    The Bhaktivedanta Gita Academy started in 1994 under the direction and guidance of Bhakti Purusottama Swami, and is located north of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. It provides various courses on our Vedic literature, such as the Bhagavad-gita As It Is and Srimad Bhagavatam.

  • App by Northern European BBT for Bhagavad-gita As It Is

    The App is currently available for iPad and iPhone, with an Android version being planned. It contains the full text of Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita as it is. You can make notes. You can adjust the font type and size, search the text to find what you need and choose between scrolling or swiping pages.

  • How To Defeat Stress? - by Anuttama Dasa

    Elaborating on the verse 2.70 from the Bhagavad-gita Anuttama Dasa explains what ancient wisdom suggests about how to defeat stress, one of the most common diseases of the modern world. A video by Karuna Productions.

  • When We Distribute What We Have, We Appreciate What We Have

    Spiritual knowledge given in the Bhagavad-gita is like a life-saving medicine.

  • Gita for Everyone

    A video by ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry.

  • "Who Am I" - from the Bhagavad-Gita

    People from different ethnic groups share their relaizations of the basic teaching of the Bhagavad-gita. A video by Flute and Feather Films

  • Whenever Things Seem to Fall Apart, Remember when Things Have Fallen in Place

    Sometimes, life seems to hand out one reversal after another and all that we are doing seems to be falling apart. We may feel that the universe is hostile; we may question the benevolence or even the existence of God.

  • The Quest for Infinity

    A video by Krishna Wisdom describing the nature of the soul, based on the ancient teachings of the east, taken from the Bhagavad Gita - As It Is, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 

  • Election Day Blues and the Leadership Vacuum

    Many people had been angry by the failures or inaction of one side or other; angry with a do-nothing government which doesn't consider their needs; angry with the moral failures of leadership. And rightly so. But anger and frustration don’t provide a platform from which to make a sound decision. 

  • Timeless Possessions

     Whether its shoes, gadgets, clothes or cars, most things I buy seem to break down, play up or fall apart, costing me a small fortune in the process! One acquisition, however, that has stood the test of time, is the wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita.

  • New Bhagavad-gita Exhibit Opens at MOSA Belgium

    A brand new exhibit of artwork from Kim Waters and Chris Murray’s classic 1980 book, Illuminations from the Bhagavad-gita, opened at the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) in Radhadesh, Belgium on May 28th. The exhibit features all Kim’s original illustrations from the book, which is illuminated with translated verses from Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

  • Tamil Nadu Devotees Hold 50 “Gita Yajnas” for 50th

    “In this program, our aim is to distribute 5,000 copies of Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is, and to have recipients take an oath during a fire ceremony to read at least one page daily.”

  • New Trinidad Head Lets the Gita Lead the Way

    On May 26th, Kamla Persad-Bissessar was sworn into office as Prime Minister of Trinidad with her hand on Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gita As It Is.

  • ISKCON Nairobi Holds its First Gita-contest

    The Gita Champions League (GCL) is a competition based on the teachings of the ancient book of knowledge, the Bhagavad Gita. This contest was a fun, inspiring and motivating way to help everyone to absorb themselves in the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, enrich and refocus their life in the right manner. GCL was a written test primarily targeting students from Class 5 to 8. 

  • Belong - A New E-book by Chaitanya Charan

    A new e-book by Chaitanya Charan das Belong addresses our heart’s longing to belong to something bigger than ourselves – a longing that is nourished and fulfilled by the Bhagavad-gita’s transformational message of spiritual love. While presenting that message in accessible 300-word nuggets, Belong shines the light of the Gita on many themes important for our inner growth.

  • Presenting the "Gita Program"

    In this video Iksvaku das explains the purpose of :The Gita Program" and how it can benefit every ISKCON center and devotees engaged in presenting Krishna-consciousness to facilitate and encourage newcomers in their understanding of the Bhagavad Gita As It Is. 

  • Work to Live – Avoid Work That Eats You Alive

    Work is essential for survival, as the Gita acknowledges. When work becomes the sole definer of our self-identity and self-worth, it degenerates to an indulgence, even an addictive indulgence.

  • Yogi Blues: The Bhagavad Gita & The Yoga of Despair

    Popular wisdom, from doctors and moms alike, is that yoga and happiness go hand in hand. But are "real" yogis immune to despair? Is despondency somehow antithetical to yoga?

  • 12,500 Gitas Distributed at 50th Anniversary Gala Event in Ahmedabad

    Supporters and well-wishers of ISKCON who attended a 50th Anniversary gala event in Ahmedabad sponsored over 12,500 Bhagavad-gitas.

  • New E-Book by Caitanya Charan: The Eye to See the I

    The new book by Chaitanya Charan Das features 121 reflections on the Bhagavad-gita that make its insights appreciable in brief, relishable nuggets of wisdom. The book published in hard copy on Janmashtami 2015 is already nearing the end of its first print run and will go for the second print soon. Recently released on kindle, it is now available free on January 10th. 

  • Transit Zone: A Dirty Underpass in a Hungary Railway Station Becomes an Isle of Humanity

    When I lay down in my comfortable apartment in Budapest, all I could see are images of little children lying on the dirty floor of Budapest’s railway stations waiting for their transfer to a new, safer and better life.

  • Winning Life's Battles

    All of us are like Arjuna in so many ways. We stand on the battlefield of life faced with all kinds of challenges which often seem overwhelming. Sometimes we too don’t know which way to turn but the message of the Gita is also there for us.

  • Beware of the Mind’s "Divide and Rule" Strategy

    A standard war strategy for defeating a strong enemy is divide and rule. The Bhagavad-gita (06.06) states that the mind can often act as our enemy. Acting inimically, it targets us with this strategy when we practice bhakti-yoga. 

  • Hridayananda das Goswami Publishes A Comprehensive Guide to Bhagavad-gita

    For over 45 years, Hridayananda das Goswami has shared the wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita with ISKCON communities and at prestigious universities around the world. His new publication A Comprehensive Guide to Bhagavad-gita is the fruit and culmination of a long, distinguished career of studying, teaching, and living the text. 

  • Krishna Can Bring Good Out Of Everything - Even Our Mistakes

    Sometimes when we commit mistakes, we may become embarrassed, irritated or enraged with ourselves. If we become excessively disturbed, that often becomes a second mistake.

  • Muslim Girl in Mumbai Wins Gita Contest

    "My parents too supported my idea of participating in the contest," said Maryam, who received the prize from ISKCON on March 15.

  • Choose Words That Make the Heart Soar, Not Sore

    The human heart is very sensitive to words. Few things can dishearten an inspired heart as much as callous or critical words. And conversely, few things can enliven a depressed heart as much as comforting or compassionate words.

  • The World of Love Manifests Through the Words of Love

    The world of love refers ultimately to the spiritual world, Krishna’s personal abode where there is endless love. There, Krishna exists eternally, the soul exists eternally, and their love exists and expands eternally.

  • Devotee Academic Wins $10,000 Bhagavad-gita Essay Prize

    In Australia, devotee academic Padma Dasi was chosen to receive first prize in a Bhagavad-gita As It Is Essay Competition amongst 200 university and tertiary education students across the country. The competition was organized by Satya Armstrong and other disciples of ISKCON guru Bhakti Charu Swami to encourage people to delve more deeply into the ancient spiritual text.

  • The Bhagavad-gita Saves Lives - A Book Distribution Story

    One of the most astonishing miracles of placing Bhagavad Gitas in motel rooms was a story of a man who was saved from committing suicide by reading just a few pages of Bhagavad Gita.

  • Family Breakdown Brings Societal Collapse

    Exactly echoing a message found in the Bhagavad-gita, a UK senior judge recently declared that “almost all of society’s social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life.”

  • New Book : “10 Leadership Sutras from Bhagavad Gita”

    In today’s stress-filled environment, corporate leaders are increasingly turning towards the world’s time-honored traditions for relief and insight. “10 Leadership Sutras from Bhagavad Gita” serves this need by presenting the wisdom of one of the world’s greatest philosophical classics in condensed sutra-like nuggets by drawing on the rich commentarial tradition of the Gita.

  • Sushma Swaraj Urges Centre to Declare Bhagavad Gita as National Holy Book

    Swaraj was attending the celebrations marking 5,151 years of the Bhagwad Gita in Delhi.

  • Bhagavad Gita: Sanskrit Recitation with Sanskrit Text - Chapter 1
  • US Congresswoman Sends Message on Gita Jayanti

    Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has sent a message of goodwill on Gita Jayanti, the day the Bhagavad-gita was first spoken. In her message she reminds us of the value of Lord Krishna's teachings and the need to remember that we are all spiritual beings living in the material world

  • Bhakti Subordinates Social Hierarchy to Spiritual Sincerity

    We live in an age that that cherishes equality for all and celebrates the breaking down of barriers such as race. Intriguingly, a similar egalitarian spirit is enshrined in the Bhagavad-gita written millennia ago.

  • Surrender Out of Love

    My friend cringed when he heard that the final instruction of the Bhagavad-gita is to surrender to Krishna wholeheartedly. "Am I a criminal that I should surrender to Him? Better worship a God who is more humble and down-to-earth!"

  • India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

    Tulsi Gabbard presents Mr. Modi with her personal copy of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, the one she had sworn in to when she was elected to be a member of the US Congress.

  • Bhagavad Gita The Song of God

    Performance of the Song of God at the ISKCON Hare Krsna Temple in Granby Street, Leicester for Janmastami The Appearance day of Lord Krsna on 17th August 2014. With Sanjay Gadhia as Krsna and Jay Anadkat as Arjuna.

  • Another New E-book From the North European BBT

    The North European branch of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) announced that Srimad Bhagavad-gita, The Complete Sanskrit Text in Roman Transliteration – popularly known as the BBT’s “chanting Gita,” is now available in all flavors at

  • Modi Gifts Gita to Japanese Emperor

    "Today I went to the maharaja of Japan, I have given one to him, because I don't think that I have anything more to give and the world also does not have anything more to get than this."

  • Chief Minister of Haryana Lays the Foundation Stone for ISKCON Kurukshetra Temple

    The Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr. Bhupendra Singh Hooda and ISKCON GBC Gopal Krishna Goswami laid down the foundation stone for the upcoming ISKCON temple at Kurukshetra on 18th August, 2014, which was also celebrated as Krishna Janmastami, appearance day of Lord Krishna.

  • What Makes Good People Do Bad Things?

    Gita wisdom reconciles the goodness of God’s creation with the weakness of his creatures by differentiating between our pure core as souls and the shell of impurities such as lust.

  • 4th Annual Gita Camp Held at Houston Hare Krishna Temple

    "Our children need to be engaged in our ever blissful spiritual culture and values. The only way, they can experience this bliss, is by engaging in pure spiritual connection with the process of Bhakti Yoga.  Engaging their intelligence, mind, and senses in the devotional service to the Lord." This was the essence of the just concluded successful Children’s 4th Annual Gita Camp, held at Houston Hare Krishna Temple from July 7 – 13.

  • Speaker of Lok Sabha Presented With Bhagavad-Gita

    On July 22nd, 2014, ISKCON Zonal Secretary for Mumbai Juhu, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan Devakinandan Das and ISKCON Indian Communications Director Vrajendranandan Das met the honorable Speaker of Lok Sabha, the Parliament of India Srimati Sumitra Mahajan.

  • Exploring Guru Tattva: Labor Day Weekend Seminar at Gita Nagari

    In Bhagavad-gita Lord Sri Krishna indicates one of the essential steps in the bhakti process is acceptance of the shelter of such a Postal Peon, a guru, who helps connect one with Krishna, as well as assists in progressively fully restoring one's relationship with Him.

  • President of India Presented With Bhagavad Gita As It Is Deluxe Edition

    ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner and Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) trustee Gopal Krishna Goswami met the honorable President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on 12th June, 2014 at the President’s official residence in New Delhi and presented him the BBT’s deluxe edition of the Bhagavad Gita As It Is along with the maha-prasad of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi.

  • Many Voices, One Heart: 1400 Devotees Chant At North Carolina Retreat

    It’s almost noon. The organisers Rasika Siromani Devi Dasi, Rama Vijaya Das  and Govinda Charan Das are discussing last minute festival details over breakfast at the registration tables. Just across the street, surrounded by picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, there are around 1400 devotees immersed in chanting the Holy Names. 

  • How History is His Story

    History, if seen from a purely materialistic perspective, seems to be nothing more than a list of names of dead successful people. Decade after decade, century after century, millennia after millennia, people come, people live, people die. 

  • Why Is the Bhagavad-gita So "Pessimistic"?

    People with cursory knowledge of the Gita’s philosophy sometimes ask: “When the world offers both pleasures and pains, why does the Bhagavad-gita call the world a place of misery?”

  • The Meaning of 'Surrendering'

    Many people think of surrender as passive acceptance. However, surrender involves not just acceptance but also action.

  • Bhagavad-gita As It Is Sold By Leading Russian Bookstore Chain

    Bukvoed, one of Russia’s leading bookstore chains, has been selling Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is from a prominent stand at one of its specialist stores in St. Petersburg since last year. The bookstore, called “The Shop of the Most Essential Books: In All Senses,” stocks about 60,000 titles, with many unique books on spiritual traditions, world religions, spiritual practices, history, astrology, philosophy, psychology, health and business.

  • Bhagavad-gita As It Is and Bhagavata Purana Released in Chinese

    On Januray 7th, 2014, the China Social Sciences Press proudly announced the historic release of two ancient cultural classics of India: Bhagavata Purana and Bhagavad-gita As IsThe two released works are authored by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, and translated into Chinese by Jahnava Devi of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust.

  • Live Not For Gratification But For Contribution

    We are all innately pleasure-seeking whatever we do, we do it for gaining pleasure. But pleasure has a peculiar nature it eludes those who pursue it as their exclusive purpose.

  • Balinese Youth Get Together To Have A Unique Gita-experience

    On the 21st and 22nd of December 2013, 45 youth from all over Bali, Indonesia, gathered for a retreat to study the Bhagavad-gita. Surprisingly, none of them had to even open their Bhagavad-gitas as the entire knowledge, practical applications and philosophy of the Gita was taught through games, dramas, presentations, kirtan and moments of contemplations. 

  • ISKCON Bali Youth's Gita Sanga

    On the 21st and 22nd of December 2013, 45 youth from all over Bali, Indonesia, gathered for the Nava Yauvana Sanga 2013 to study the Bhagavad-gita in a unique way. A video by Premakanda Dasa.

  • “Exploring the Bhagavad-gita” Wins Indic Studies Award

    “Exploring the Bhagavad gita: Philosophy, Structure and Meaning,” a book by ISKCON Academy of Arts and Sciences member Dr. Ithamar Theodor, has received its second prestigious award. Theodor’s unique contribution is his articulation of the Gita’s structure, thus highlighting the ancient wisdom text’s relevance in contemporary philosophy.

  • Count Your Blessings and Make Your Blessings Count

    Suppose patients get the right medicine, but don’t value it. Or suppose they value it but don’t take it. Either way, they continue suffering.

  • Why Suffering and Spirituality Go Hand-in-Hand

    It's quite natural for those of faith to turn towards God during difficult times. Even if one has a regular spiritual practice, their practice can increase and improve during times of difficulty.

  • 40 Years Later - Remembering the Bhagavad-gita

    I was searching for some answers to the perennial questions of life, who am I. One day I had wondered in the Timmins Library searching for some good books.

  • A New Short Film on the "Journey with the Bhagavad-gita"

    Visakha Dasi has just released a new short video A Bumpy Journey Toward Harmony with the Bhagavad-gita. It is a 24-minute DVD with music, sound effects, provocative wisdom and over 250 stunning photographs.

  • Medical Students Take to Gita for 'Cure'

    In a novel experiment, a group of students at the Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal, India, have turned to Gita for peace to mind and soul and overcome stress.

  • The Nonviolent Violence of the Gita

    The battlefield setting of the Gita often prompts people to ask the question: “How can God instruct a peace-seeking person to fight a deadly war that caused so much suffering?”

  • Choose Life

    As we learn of the spiritual reality it’s easy to begin neglecting what we may see as temporary, mundane and inconsequential social intercourse.

  • Gita-wisdom: Why Does Krishna Speak About His Own Glories?

    He speaks about his godhood so that we can appreciate the beauty of his concealing something that glorious for the sake of love.

  • Gita-wisdom: Be Flexible But Not Fickle

    As students of the Gita, we may face this question. “How can we live according to the Gita’s ancient tradition in today’s world?” By being flexible but not fickle.

  • How To Defeat Stress? - by Anuttama Dasa

    Elaborating on the verse 2.70 from the Bhagavad-gita Anuttama Dasa explains what ancient wisdom suggests about how to defeat stress, one of the most common diseases of the modern world.

    Produced by Karuna Productions with the sponsorship of ISKCON Communications and Odyssey Networks. (

  • Tragedy Calls... Am I Next?

    If we grasp the full scope of our existence, we can understand the significance of each event that we struggle through. Since most of us lack such vision, we need to develop faith that Lord Krishna arranges everything for our ultimate benefit, even if at present we cannot understand how.

  • How To Deal With Phases Of Inner Emptiness In Our Spiritual Life?

    Sometimes when we pray to Krishna or chant his holy names, we feel no fulfilling presence – just a desolate silence within. How should we deal with such phases of inner emptiness?

  • Deluxe Collector’s Bhagavad-gita Will be Treasured for Generations

    Truly a feast for the eyes, the new book comes from the Mediterranean division of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, which previously brought us luxury coffee table books like Krishna Art, Darshan, Art of Transcendence, and Prabhupada.

  • When Strengths Make Us Weak and Weaknesses Make Us Strong

    To survive and thrive in our hyper-competitive culture, we usually hide our weaknesses and hype our strengths. Such a strategy may be necessary in material life, but it is unnecessary and even undesirable in spiritual life.

  • Hindu Holy Book Coming to a Nightstand Near You
    It’s about to get crowded in your hotel room nightstand. The newest addition could soon be a sacred Hindu text called the Bhagavad-Gita.
  • Transforming a Battlefield into a Classroom

    Nowadays teachers use experiential learning to increase the students’ assimilation of the subject. Krishna uses the ultimate experiential learning method when he transforms a battlefield into a classroom where he speaks the Gita to Arjuna. Krishna uses a real-life experience, in fact, one of the most intense of real-life experiences: a battle.

  • Winning Life's Battles
    The first question often asked about the Bhagavad-gita is why was it spoken on a battlefield? Despite a common view that religion is a major cause of war, in most people’s minds the two should remain separate. Religion or spirituality should result in peace not conflict.
  • A Hindu Mourns the Newtown Tragedy

    I first learned of the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, while on my way to work. One of my fellow commuters shared whatever scant details were known at that time with the rest of the train car. There were gasps and exclamations, and then we all fell silent.

  • 30,000 Delhi School Children to Participate in Bhagavad-gita Contest
    Nearly 30,000 school children from all over India’s capital, Delhi, are expected to take part in a contest based on the Bhagavad-gita this holiday season. Between November 20th and January 10th, they’ll also visit the Delhi ISKCON temple and receive copies of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is, as part of the 2012 Gita Jayanti celebrations.
  • Dare To Be Special

    The impenetrable shell of the tortoise, the breathtaking swiftness of the leopard, the incredible color-changing ability of the chameleon: the variety in nature is amazing. Compared to these animals, humans have no extraordinary ability; their bodies are soft and vulnerable, they can do little to camouflage themselves when in danger. And yet humans stand far above all other species.

  • Yogesvara Das: Teaching an Ancient Scripture in Modern Times

    Yogesvara Das (Joshua M. Greene) has been studying the Bhagavad-gita for a long time. For forty-three years to be exact, since he joined ISKCON as a student in London in 1969.

  • Bubble Bath

    Great sages explain that just as we bathe in water everyday to cleanse the body, we should similarly bathe in the words of the wisdom literatures on a daily basis to cleanse our consciousness.

  • Mr. Motivator

    In his paper "A theory of motivation", Abraham Maslow outlined the famous “Hierarchy of Needs" model. He explained that individuals are driven to pursue various things in life. However, only when basic needs are met can one begin to focus on higher pursuits.

  • Why Is God Not Humble?
    Why does Krishna brag so much in the Bhagavad-gita, proclaiming that he alone is the Supreme, that his glories have no end and that everything attractive is a spark of his splendor? Why is he not humble?
  • Claiming That the Unknown Is Unknowable Is Claiming to Know the Unknown

    “God is so great that we tiny creatures can never know him.” So claim some people. At first sight, this position seems reasonable and even humble. However, it neglects the reality that God is so great that he transcends not only affirmation, but also negation.

  • Nice Baddies, Nice Evil

    Many mass killers and criminals have become heroes and they have their fans. How many times have we heard the excuse, “The devil made me do it” as a way of absolving oneself from guilt, when actually the attempted fulfilment of perverse desires is the ugly truth?

  • No Further Appeal Against Bhagvad Gita Translation
    Russian prosecutors have decided against taking forward their case seeking a ban on a translation of Bhagvad Gita, bringing to end an issue that had enraged Hindus worldwide and even threatened to strain Russia's ties with India.
  • Reality Check
    The speed bumps force us to slow down and become more aware of our mode of driving. Similarly, seeming contradictions and confusions in scriptural writings could be seen as literary speed-bumps.
  • Arjun - Official Trailer by Disney
  • The Song of God - A poetic rendition of Bhagavd Gita

    A dramatic presentation by the Bhaktivedanta Players of the Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK.

  • An Insider Reflects on the Russian Bhagavad-gita Case
    With the now-famous “Russian Bhagavad-gita case” over—at least for now—ISKCON News spoke to Bhakti Vijnana Swami, coordinator of devotees’ endeavors to protect the Gita in Russia and abroad, for some fascinating and educational reflections.
  • One But Different...

    The Bhagavad-gita explains how the various traditions all stem from a divine source, and all offer the potential of spiritual elevation. How can we overlook striking contradictions in the various historical and cultural accounts? Could this be a naive ‘new age’ attempt to avoid confrontation and create ‘peace, love and unity’?

  • Tomsk Court Dismisses Bhagavad Gita Case
    Russia extricated itself from an embarrassing spat with India on Wednesday when a provincial appeals court definitively rejected an attempt to ban a version of the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu holy book.
  • Russian Court Set to Give Its Verdict on Gita Ban On Tuesday

    A Siberian court is set to give a key ruling on the Bhagavad Gita ban row on Tuesday. Last December, the trial court had rejected the petition to ban the book. The petition termed it an 'extremist literature, which incites social hatred and violence against non-believers' in Russia.

  • Russian Scholars' Plea on Gita
    Alarmed by persisting attempts to ban a translation of comments to Bhagavad Gita, a group of Russian scholars asked the top leadership to intervene. In an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the scholars asked the Kremlin duo to take the controversy under their “personal control”.
  • Good Versus Evil in the Bible and Gita

    No less an authority than the Encyclopedia Britannica states that "in monotheistic religions, evil does not originate within the divinity nor in general within a divine world." Thus, God is barred from hell, an eternal realm of misery.

  • The Attacks on the Bhagavad-gita in Russia

    Some Russian prosecutors think that Krishna is personified in the teachings of Moscow Society for Krishna Consciousness as a deity of "death and destruction”. They accuse the Russian Hare Krishnas of many sins, which can be summed up with the word “extremism”.

  • Russian Scholars Express their Position over “Bhagavad-Gita” Trial
    The participants of the scientific conference “The Bhagavad-Gita in history and modern society” which was held in Tomsk, Russia on 24-25th February,2012, suggested to create an independent board of scholars to evaluate various texts for signs of extremism.
  • Bhagavad Gita Case Perplex Scientists

    Experts and scientists gathering at the all-Russian conference "Bhagavad Gita in history and modern society" at the Tomsk University on Friday said they were perplexed over the Tomsk prosecutor's office's lawsuit seeking to declare "Bhagavad Gita as It Is" commentary extremist.

  • Case Against Krishna Book Will Go On

    A senior official in the Tomsk Prosecutor General's Office says an effort to ban a Hare Krishna book it considers extremist literature will continue despite being recently thrown out of court.

  • Russian Prosecutors to Move Higher Court on Gita
    Undeterred by a Siberian court's rejection of their plea seeking a ban on a translated version of the Bhagvad Gita, Russian prosecutors are planning to file an appeal against the verdict on the holy book dubbed by them as "extremist literature".
  • Saintly Connections

    One of our monks recently made a transition back into the ‘real world’. He recently went for an interview. It was his big break. Frustrated, he came back and complained “in this world it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.”

  • “Exploring the Bhagavad-gita” Wins Prestigious Choice Award
    Earlier this month “Exploring the Bhagavad gita: Philosophy, Structure and Meaning,” a new book written by ISKCON Academy of Arts and Sciences member Dr. Ithamar Theodor, and released by leading academic publisher Ashgate, was named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2011.
  • Free E-Book: Bhagavad Gita A Short Summary in Acronyms
    This small booklet is based on the Bhagavad-gita As It Is, translated by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. His translation has revolutionised modern thinking, and each purport elucidates the incredibly profound life lessons that Lord Krishna imparts to Arjuna.
  • Bhagavad Gita in Court: Overcoming Unexpected Roadblock to Relationship

    The ruling by the Tomsk city court in Siberia on December 28 to throw out the six-month-old case to ban the holy Hindu scripture Bhagawad Gita, is an unprecedented event of unique importance in the entire history of Indo-Russia relations.

  • The Gita on Trial
    The Times of India interviews Bhakti Vigyan Swami head of the Russian chapter of the ISKCON about the aftermath of the Gita-trial.
  • Russian Court Says Key Text of Hare Krishna Movement Is Not 'Extremist`
    A Russian court decided Wednesday not to ban a religious text central to the global Hare Krishna movement, rejecting claims that the text is "extremist" and ending a case that has angered Hindus around the world. A compilation of articles from the worldwide media.
  • The Court of Tomsk Dismisses the State Prosecutor's Stand to Ban Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is: ISKCON`s Press Release
    The court in the Siberian city of Tomsk today dismissed the state prosecutor's stand that the "Bhagavad Gita as-it-is" be branded as an "extremist" literature.
  • Gita Ban: Mumbai`s High Court Ask Centre About Representation in Russia
    The Bombay High Court on Wednesday asked the government of India to consider representing the country before the court in Russia to defend the Bhagwad Gita, the holy Hindu scripture which is facing a ban there.
  • Bhagavad Gita Given To Prison Inmates
    As many as 500 inmates of the Coimbatore Central Prison were presented with copies of the Bhagavad Gita with the help of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Copies of the books were handed over by District Collector M. Karunagaran at a function held at the prison premises on Saturday.
  • Russian Church Keen To Limit ISKCON Activities

    Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin regretted that the case was being heard in the university city of Tomsk, famous for its secularism and religious tolerance, and reiterated the secular credentials of Russia.

  • Hindu Americans Shocked and Outraged at Attempts to Ban the Bhagavad Gita in Russia

    The Hindu American community expressed shock and outrage over a recent attempt in Russia to ban the Bhagavad Gita, one of Hinduism’s holiest scriptures.

  • Indian External Affairs Minister Calls on Russia to Respect Bhagavad-gita
    In a statement released on December 20th, Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna said that the Government of India has taken up the Bhagavad Gita controversy with the highest levels of Russian government, and hopes for a resolution.
  • Parliament Ruckus Over Bhagavad-gita facing Ban in Russia

    Angry MPs forced the adjournment of the Lok Sabha till 2pm after Biju Janata Dal leader Bhartruhari Mahtab raised the issue in the house and asked the government to intervene immediately to ensure the religious freedom of Hindus in Russia.

  • Krishna Holy Book Faces Ban in Tomsk
    “Bhagavad Gita as It Is” can hardly be called Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” Still — if prosecutors in Tomsk have their way — the two may soon end up together on the Justice Ministry’s list of banned extremist literature. Why the Hindu text central to the Hare Krishna faith has suddenly been targeted is unclear, but some suspect the Russian Orthodox Church behind.
  • Russian Federal Security Tries to Ban Bhagavad-gita As It Is
    Devotees in Tomsk, Siberia, are currently in court fighting an attempt by the Russian Federal Security Service to prove that Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is is an extremist literature that should be banned.
  • Religion, Wars, and the 21st Century
    Human beings often seek to offer even their totality for an inspiring or necessary cause, especially for God’s sake. Upon reading of the Bin Laden termination—most of its fuller, more accurate accounts emerging months later—I mused aloud that maybe indeed, Bhagavad-gita isn’t so unusual after all.
  • Photographic Bhagavad-gita Wins Independent Publishing Award
    Bhagavad-gita: A Photographic Essay, written by Srila Prabhupada disciple Visakha Dasi, and published by Torchlight, has won a bronze medal at this year’s Independent Publisher Book Awards.
  • Lost Sentence Appears In Newly Discovered Page Of Gita Transcription
    A sentence handwritten by Srila Prabhupada for a purport of Bhagavad-gita As It Is but never included in any edition of the book has come to light at the Bhaktivedanta Archives.
  • 100 000 Copies of Bhagavad-gita in US Motels
    On June 16-17, 2011, ISKCON devotees from the Motel Gita Project attended the annual convention of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) in Las Vegas, Nevada, requesting the owners of hotels and motels to include a copy of “Bhagavad-gita As It Is” in their guest rooms, as is commonly done with Gideon’s Bibles.
  • The Key To Sanity

    Family split-ups have helped create an underworld of anarchists bent on destroying what little is left of harmony and tranquility. Family structures and values are not the total answer. However, today's departure from long-term committed relationships generates a seedy undercurrent of gratuitous violence that creates unnecessary fear.

  • Now Online: "Gita Changes" For Chapter Six

    Whether you're for "the changes," against them, or neutral, here's another opportunity to see what the changes actually are.

  • New Book Teaches Harmonious Living Through the Bhagavad-gita
    In her latest book Harmony and the Bhagavad-gita: Lessons from a Life-Changing Move to the Wilderness, Visakha Dasi gives readers insight into just how this incredible piece of spiritual literature affects her own personal day-to-day life.
  • Original 1972 Edition of Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, Available Soon From BBT
    Back by popular demand, Jayadvaita Swami and the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International trustees have recently decided to reprint Srila Prabhupada’s original 1972 Macmillan edition of Bhagavad-Gita As It Is.
  • 35 Years of Bhagavad-Gita As It Is In Portuguese
    The first edition of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is in Portuguese was published in Brazil, in 1976, by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. It was printed in 20.000 copies.
  • Service Opportunities At Gita Nagari Farm, USA
    Gita Nagari Organic Yoga Farm in Port Royal, PA, USA seeks a hard working bhakti yoga practitioners to engage in various services.
  • Brian Lara receives Bhagavad Gita As It Is
    The legendary West Indian cricket champion Brian Lara was presented with a copy of the Bhagavad Gita As It Is at a recently held function in the city of New Delhi.
  • Gita Jayanti Celebration at Bhaktivedanta International School, Vrindavana

    On the auspicious occasion of Gita Jayanti, the advent day of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, students from all grades put up an all day long celebration program. Arrays of colorful placards depicting the shlokas of Bhagavad Gita, the thematic displays of Bhagavad Gita teachings, high-spirited book distribution and the exuberant kirtans made it an event that gurukulis will always cherish.

  • New Photographic Edition of God's Song Arrives for Gita Jayanti
    A new edition of the Bhagavad-gita by Visakha Dasi, a disciple of ISKCON's founder Srila Prabhupada, has arrived just in time for Gita Jayanti, which commemorates the day, 5,000 years ago, when Lord Krishna instructed the warrior Arjuna on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra.
  • British Prime Minister Receives Bhagavad-gita
    At the recent Diwali function at held at Number 10 Downing Street in London, Srutidharma Das the President of Bhaktivedanta Manor presented a copy of Bhagavad Gita As It Is to the British Prime Minister David Cameron.
  • The Bhagavad Gita and the Problem of the Ego
    I first encountered the concept of the ego explicitly mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, India's classic text on yoga and spiritual wisdom. According to the Gita, there is a fundamental difference between "real" ego and what it defines as the "false" ego.
  • Now Online: "Gita changes" For Chapter Five.

    BBT announces new revisions for Prabhupada`s Bhagavad-gita Chapter Five.

  • Hinduism Specialists Discuss Relevance of Bhagavad-Gita
    Relevance of Bhagavad-Gita in contemporary world was discussed when Radhanath Swami, an International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) guru; and Rajan Zed, Hindu statesman; met at Reno (USA) on August three.
  • New Edition of Bhagavad-gita Aims to Reach Mainstream Audience
    A new translation and commentary of the Bhagavad-gita by British author and ISKCON devotee Ranchor Prime, subtitled Talks Between the Soul and God, was released this May to broad acclaim. But its author says it was over twenty years in the making.
  • CBS News: Bhagavad-gitas In US Motel Rooms
    Recently, volunteers of The Pancajanya Project (, a branch of ISKCON established a project dedicated to place at least 1 million Bhagavad-gitas in guest rooms across the U.S. A few days ago, Vaisesika Das from San Francisco was interviewed about this initiative by CBS Television.
  • Religious Wisdom For Facing Death

    One bit of profound advice that Socrates gave to his disciples was to practice dying everyday. Although this may sound impractical, the undertone to this insight is very useful -- to cultivate awareness of and face our deep-rooted insecurities, the epitome of which is death itself.

  • Hotel Owners Purchase Thousands of Gitas at Chicago Convention

    Volunteers of The Pancajanya Project (, a branch of ISKCON dedicated to placing at least 1 million Bhagavad-gitas in guest rooms across the U.S., distributed 30,000 Bhagavad-gitas at the Asian American Hotel Owners Association's annual convention last year and look set to reach the same number this June.

  • Monk Wanders to Western's Campus
    Bellingham, WA, USA: While walking through Red Square last week, many Western students were approached by a traveling monk distributing copies of the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu text. The monk, Paramesvara Das, has been a monk for 12 years. He spent two days on Western’s campus last week distributing about 400 copies of the Bhagavad Gita, as well as yoga and meditation books.
  • In India, Hitching Hopes on a Subway
    Instead of dry procedural manuals, senior managers of the Delhi Metro are given a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita, one of Hinduism’s most important texts.
  • Spiritual Wisdom 'At A Glance'

    "Bhagavad-Gita At a Glance: A companion guide for Preachers, Teachers, Students" is the latest literary effort by Narayani Devi Dasi.

  • Vows, Weird News and the Real World
    This material world is a perverted reflection where motives and consequences are never conducive to a happy ending. Loss, pain, and suffering are the norm here, whereas in the spiritual world, it’s just the opposite.
  • Tihar Jail Inmates Chant, Dance, Feast and Read
    New Delhi ISKCON devotees kicked off a program at Tihar Jail on December 2nd with a one-hour kirtan chant, raising inmates to their feet to dance and sing along.
  • ISKCON Temples Celebrate the Day the Gita was Spoken
    This November 28, ISKCON temples around the world celebrated Gita Jayanti— commemorating the day when Bhagavad-gita, one of the world’s most famous spiritual texts, was spoken by Lord Krishna to the warrior Arjuna.
  • Positive Thinking

    Most of us are aware of the benefits of being positive in Krishna consciousness, and so do those who seek material success.

  • Bhagavad Gita Distributed at Hotel Owners Convention

    “Asian-Indians own almost 65% of the total motel rooms available. Our goal is to place Bhagavad-Gita As It Is in every one of those rooms,” says Milan Doshi from the Pancajanya Project. “The motel owners we already approached were very receptive. They liked the idea of placing Bhagavad-Gita As It Is in their own motels. They also gave us recommendations for their friends are relatives in the industry!” Approaching motel owners on an individual basis has proven successful.

  • Krishna, Not Kotler, Guides Indian Management Gurus

    NEW DELHI: The next time you hear someone recite verses from the Bhagavad Gita, pay more attention. The wisdom of the ancient Indian scriptures may come in handy in tackling issues from management strategies to corporate governance in today's highly competitive world of business.

  • Russian Hare Krishnas Celebrate the Birthday of Bhagavad Gita

    On the 9th of December, Moscow Hare Krishna followers celebrated the festival of Gita Jayanti, or the birthday of the Bhagavad Gita.

    The Gita Jayanti is celebrated all over India and other parts of the world on Ekadasi, the eleventh day of the lunar month of Margaseersha (December-January). It was on this day over 5000 years ago that Vedic King Dhritarastra heard the Bhagavad Gita as narrated by his secretary Sanjaya.

  • The Personal Spiritual Guidance System
    Akrura dasa: Since January 2006, I had over 900 sessions with 250 devotees all over the world. I do coaching on the phone, on Skype, on email, and I had Gita Coaching seminars in twelve European countries. Many know about it, but not too many have become coaches.
  • Tribhuvanath Dasa

    Exactly echoing a message found in the Bhagavad-gita, a senior judge recently declared that “almost all of society's social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life.”

    In a speech in Brighton to lawyers from Resolution, formerly the Solicitors' Family Law Association, Mr Justice Coleridge warned of a "cancerous" increase in broken families and said the government must take "comprehensive action".

  • The Self at War
    Arjuna is a warrior who feels the call to a more peaceful, non-invasive life. On the verge of a mammoth war he refuses to fight, even though the enemy is an aggressor who must be brought down. Like Arjuna, once we acknowledge the call to a more enlightened life we may also find mundane duties distasteful. Is it possible to attend to such obligations without compromising our higher self? Is it possible to live in the material world without becoming overwhelmed by it?
  • US Hotels to get Bhagavad-gitas

    NEW YORK: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) will try to place copies of Bhagavad-gita in hotels and motels owned by Indian-Americans and in libraries in the US. The governing council of VHP's America unit passed a resolution to this effect at a recent meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Academic Journal Sheds Light on Prabhupada’s Gita

    Newport News, Virginia – The latest issue of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies (JVS) – a highly respected biannual, interdisciplinary refereed publication dedicated to the in-depth study of Vaishnavism – takes on the theme of the “Bhagavad Gita Coming West” and includes an exploration of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is authored by ISKCON founder-acarya Srila Prabhupada. 

  • Gita Jayanti: Continuing the Eternal Conversation

    This Thursday is Gita Jayanti when Vaisnavas around the world celebrate the dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna found in the classic Vedic text Bhagavad-gita. In ISKCON centers, Hindu temples, villages and homes devotees commemorate Gita Jayanti as the day when the Bhagavad-gita was spoken amidst the opposing armies on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

  • The Gita on Skid Row

    “My first experience spending time on Skid Row was in 1972 when I stood on street corners chanting Hare Krishna,” Nrsimhananda says. “We used to visit the area once a week and distribute prasadam (spiritual food) to the “less fortunate.” We were outsiders, and so were they. We opted out of the 9-5 rat race; so had they. We slept on the floor; they were asleep on the sidewalk. We liked to get high on chanting the names of God; they had their drug of choice.

  • Mobifusion Launches Bhagavad-Gita For Mobile Phone

    Vodafone-Essar mobile users in India now have access to the entire Holy Bhagavad Gita thanks to a partnership with Mobifusion, one of the world's leading mobile content providers.

  • Book Release: Uddhava Gita
    Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-gita when His friend Arjuna hesitated to execute his duty, fearing the death of many family members. Krishna also spoke the Uddhava-gita to another dear and intimate devotee, Sri Uddhava, teaching him to renounce worldly attachments to take to the path of complete dedication to God.
  • Judge's Statement on Gita Sparks Debate
    New Delhi: " It is the duty of every citizen of India under Article 51-A of the Constitution of India, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, to follow dharma as propounded by the Bhagvad Gita".

    This is not a chorus by any Saffron brigade, but the pronouncement of a judge of the Allahabad High Court.
  • Bhagavad-gita To Be Taught in Nevada Community College
    Reno (Nevada, USA): Bhagavad-Gita, the best known Hindu scripture worldwide, will be taught in the prestigious institution of Nevada, Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC), in November next.