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  • Boise’s Festival of Gratitude Gives Thanks to Srila Prabhupada

    Over the Thanksgiving weekend, devotees at ISKCON Boise, Idaho launched a new annual “Festival of Gratitude” this year, with the motto: “Appreciating Deity, Devotee, Nama, Dhama, Bhagavatam.”

  • ISKCON Boise Celebrates 25 Years as a Generation Comes Full Circle

    Nearly 500 people visited ISKCON Boise, Idaho this August 21st, to celebrate Sri Krishna Janmastami, as well as the 25th anniversary of “the family temple.” Today, the family is a big one, but the same spirit of togetherness holds from back when Ananta Rupa Dasa and his wife Aruddha Dasi started the temple in their home in 1986.

  • Boise Temple Chants Its Way Through New Year’s Day

    While some ISKCON temples chose to ring in an auspicious new year with spiritual midnight “parties” this New Year’s Eve, the Boise Hare Krishna temple focused its attention on New Year’s Day, with its thirteenth annual “Japathon."