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  • Europe’s 2nd Brahmachari Convention Inspires, Revives

    Seventy-five saffron-clad celibate monks known as brahmacharis, from European countries as diverse as France, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Finland and the UK, converged on Bhaktivedanta Manor near London from June 18th to 23rd this year, to attend the second annual European Brahmachari Convention.

  • New York’s Bhakti Center Offers Ashram Experience Course
    About ten applicants will participate in a summer course at Bhaktivedanta Ashram in the Bhakti Center, New York City this July 5th to September 1st that will immerse them fully in ashram life.
  • Celibate Pride at Europe’s First Brahmachari Conference
    It’s summer time in England, 4.30am, and the orange rays of early morning sunshine flood through the old windows of Bhaktivedanta Manor. It’s mid-week but the temple room is packed with saffron clad celibate monks—commonly known as brahmacharis. Enthusiastic, bright-faced, young, old, and somewhere in between, dancing and swaying before the deities.
  • First Brahmacari Conference Held In San Diego
    Last September saw the first ever US Brahmacari Conference held at San Diego’s ISKCON temple. In the Gaudiya vaishnava culture followed by ISKCON devotees, four stages of life are central to a regulated devotional life: Brahmacarya, wherein the celibate student is trained in discipline and respect; Grihasta, wherein the householder raises a Krishna conscious family; Vanaprastha, wherein the older married couple focus more on spiritual life and prepare themselves for renunciation; and Sannyasa, or complete renunciation.
  • San Diego Brahmacari Seminar

    ISKCON Sannyasa Ministry and many senior leaders have felt an increasing need for forums in which this training is systematically imparted, especially in North America. In response to this need a 3-day conference at ISKCON San Diego is planned by H.H. Candramauli Swami in a cooperative endeavor with H.H. Prahladananda Swami, H.H. Bhakti Vikasa Swami and H.G. Maha Tattva Prabhu T.P. ISKCON San Diego.