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Articles tagged as Creation

  • New Book: “Six Causes: The Vedic Theory of Creation” by Ashish Dalela

    Presented in lay person’s language, Six Causes will allow readers to assimilate a profound understanding of matter, conscious experience, God, morality, reincarnation, karma and time.

  • Revelation Is The Complement, Not The Replacement Of Reason

    To know the universe’s purpose, we need to turn to the maker of the universe: God. He offers answers through revelation in the form of scriptural wisdom.

  • Controversy over Creation and Evolution: Christians Battle it Out
    The notion that the Catholic Church is monolithic on the questions surrounding creation and evolution is hardly accurate. In fact, Christians are deeply divided over the issues. There is an intense debate among believers about how to interpret the Creation account of Genesis, the age of the earth, and whether Darwin was right.
  • Harry: A New Vaishnava T-Shirt Design Collective
    Hare Krishnas are famous for getting noticed and making a statement. So why shouldn't our t-shirts do the same? Project manager Gopal Lila das speaks about Harry, a brand new team of t-shirt designers with ambitions to set new standards in Vaishnava contemporary clothing.
  • Scientists Create Life?
    With the recent announcement by the scientific community of the creation of a living organism using synthetic DNA many people are wondering about the religious implications of this achievement.