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  • Karuna Care Trains Devotees to Offer Emotional and Spiritual Support

    A new ISKCON-endorsed online training program, Karuna Care Education, is equipping devotees with the basic tools to offer  compassionate care in hospitals, hospices, prisons, airport chapels, homeless shelters, and more.

  • Devotee Care Course Recommended for “Every Leader in ISKCON”

    Twenty-six such leaders attended the most recent presentation of the GBC-recommended course, offered from March 5th to 8th in the Chaitanya Bhavan building in Mayapur, West Bengal, India.

  • GBC Launches Devotee Care Course in Mayapur

    The Devotee Care Committee of ISKCON Governing Body Commission has invited everyone to take part at the Devotee Care Course this Spring in Mayapur

  • Mahattama Dasi: A Calling to Care

    Mahattama Dasi had worked as a supervisor at an insurance company in her native Mexico before joining ISKCON, and as a teacher afterwards. But she had not had any experience as a nurse or professional caregiver when Lord Krishna guided her to her calling.

  • International Vaishnavi Retreat in Govardhana
    Fostering a spirit of love and care between vaishnavis and generating peer support between female devotees dedicated to Srila Prabhupada's mission, the International Vaisnavi Retreat was held at the foothills of Giriraj Govardhan, Jatipura, India on March 6-9.
  • Vedic Care Home for Elders Established in South India

    As huge temples such as Mayapur’s Temple of the Vedic Planetarium climb to the sky with much celebration, what could be one of ISKCON’s most important efforts has quietly arrived in Melkote, Karnataka, South India.

  • Helping Resolve Problems in ISKCON — ISKCONResolve Increases its Service to Devotees
    ISKCONResolve, formed in 2002, has just expanded its scope adding a number of ombudsmen to its ranks. This service provides confidential, impartial, informal assistance to devotees who have concerns, conflicts, complaints, or disputes arising from or affecting their participation in ISKCON.
  • Bhaktivedanta Hospice Opens in Vrindavana
    On August 26th 2010, two days after the appearance day of Lord Balarama, Bhaktivedanta Hospice was inaugurated. Finally the Back-to-Godhead Clinic, the late Arca Vigraha Dasi’s dream, had been realized.
  • Why Do We Care?
    One of the happiest times, but also the saddest times is being with individuals as they come to the end of this lifetime. Ok so I worked on the hospital wards for many years and so this should not be a big surprise.