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Articles tagged as Discrimination

  • ISKCON South Africa Stands Against Racism and Discrimination

    When Krishna consciousness is practiced in an authentic way, a spiritual society replete with saintly virtues will naturally manifest. But for this to happen, each and every one of us must strive to be exemplars of Vaishnava culture, values, and behaviour — at all times, in all circumstances, without exception.

  • Religious Freedom in Danger in Russia: A Cause for Concern in Europe

    A seminar, held on September 26th, 2017, in Italy’s House of Parliament, at the Sala del Refettorio, and organized in co-operation with MP Lacquaniti, has discussed the problems of religious freedom in Russia, a cause of serious concern in Europe.

  • Walking Our Talk: The Role of Krishna Bhaktas in Current Events

    What would you do if the White House were to announce that President Trump added India to the list of nations whose citizens are temporarily banned from entering the United States? What if the president announced that banning entry to majority Hindu countries is a small price to pay for keeping America safe?

  • Russia: Anti-Sharing Beliefs Law First Use

    A Hare Krishna adherent has become the first person to be charged under Russia's new law restricting sharing beliefs. Anti-extremism police in Karachai-Cherkessiya arrested 19-year-old Vadim Sibiryev.

  • A Spiritual Solution to Religious and Racial Violence

    In theory, the solution to the violence is very easy. However, the application is very difficult because it deals with shifting one's consciousness and learning to see beyond all the external designations of an individual.

  • Future Moscow Teachers Learn Religious Xenophobia
    Students of the Moscow City Pedagogical University are being taught that charismatic churches, Jehovah's Witnesses, "The International Society of Krishna Consciousness" and other religious associations are "sects," a correspondent reports.