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  • 5 Tips For A Happy Krishna Conscious Marriage

    How do we have a happy, Krishna conscious marriage? To find out, we interviewed Partha Das and Uttama Dasi, members of the Grihastha Vision Team and themselves a happily married couple who are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

  • Couple’s Retreat Aims For Healthy Marriages, Strong ISKCON

    Healthy marriages, happy families, strong ISKCON. “The larger society is a microcosm of the family unit,” says Grihatha Vision Team member Krishnanandini Dasi. “So if our family units are healthy, vibrant, dynamic and enthusiastic, our ISKCON society will be too.” The GVT are doing their bit towards this aim with their second annual Couple’s Retreat from September 12th to 14th this year.

  • New GVT Initiatives to Benefit ISKCON Families and Couples
    At their annual meeting held on June 10th and 11th in Gita Nagari—ISKCON’s 350-acre farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania—the Grihasta Vision Team discussed a number of exciting plans and initiatives to help ISKCON marriages and families in the coming year.
  • A Potential Spouse: Seven Important Qualities to Look For
    Physically, psychologically and spiritually we will go through many changes in the natural course of our lives and our marital relationship may need to adapt accordingly. Yet some basic, vital qualities are present throughout all healthy marriages.
  • When the Husband is Not a Devotee: The Grihasta Vision Team Responds

    An article entitled “When the Husband is Not a Devotee,” written by Sundari Radhika Dasi for The Eight Petals newsletter and published on ISKCON News recently, caused a firestorm of controversy.

  • The Grihastha Vision Team Announces Its Monthly Free Conference Call Topic
    The Grihastha Vision Team presents its free teleconference call for August where people can call in and ask questions and listen to everyone's answers about grihastha ashrama. The next topic is: “Four things that can destroy any relationship, and how to avoid them”.
  • Grihastha Vision Team Holds Annual Meeting, Plans Training for Strengthening Marriage Bonds
    The North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT) held their annual meeting in Prabhupada Village, North Carolina, the last week of April. The 12-person team reviewed their year’s accomplishments and planned for the coming year. The future plans include rolling out a new schedule for the four-day VTE Grihastha Training Course, “Strengthening the Bonds that Free Us.”