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  • Uplifting Service

    Krishna Lunch has been a University of Florida staple for nearly 40 years but, like many things, coronavirus brought the daily campus tradition to a swift halt. Now, the meals are being distributed to other hungry folk.

  • “Krishna Lunch for Healthcare Heroes” Launches in Gainesville, Florida

    Called “Krishna Lunch for Healthcare Heroes,” the program was formally launched on April 2, 2020 (Rama Navami). A number of congregational members promptly stepped up to offer much needed financial support to get the new program off the ground.   

  • New Multi-Speciality Hospital to Open at Sri Mayapur

    The city of Sri Mayapur is expanding with its number of residents and visitors increasing every passing year. Owing to this, a brand new multispecialty hospital project has been initiated to provide health care at Sri Mayapur.  On November 12th, a ground breaking ceremony for the hospital took place which was graced by Jayapataka Swami, Hridaya Chaitanya Das, Bhakti Purushottam Swami, Bhakti Nityananda Swami and other senior Vaishnavas.

  • Devotee-Run Health Center Delivers Natural Cures

    Nestled in the beautiful hill country of Bulgarian resort village Emona, and overlooking the Black Sea and Irakli beach, is Vita Rama Health Center. Every summer, the Mediterranean-style building becomes home to around 500 people, as they soak up the peaceful countryside and clean air, healing their bodies and spirits. The Center is becoming more and more popular with its claims – backed up by customer testimonies – that it can cure heartburn, herniated discs, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even cancer.

  • Mauritius Plans New School, Medical Center for 50th

    The ambitious project will include a 800-capacity temple hall for Radha-Golokananda, a guest house and accommodation for devotees, a prasadam hall, a conference hall, exhibition areas, an auditorium and a five-star restaurant. It will blend traditional domes with modern western features. Arriving sooner is the Bhakti Preschool, for which the building has already been constructed at ISKCON Phoenix.

  • How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body

    The benefits of mindfulness meditation, increasingly popular in recent years, are supposed to be many: reduced stress and risk for various diseases, improved well-being, a rewired brain.

  • Medical Practitioners Meet and Retreat At Gita Nagari Yoga Farm

    More than 50 ISKCON medical practitioners—doctors, nurses, medical technicians, Ayurveda experts and other healthcare professionals—gathered at the Gita Nagari Yoga Farm in rural Pennsylvania on September 25-27 for a three-day event, the “North American ISKCON Medical Professionals Retreat.”