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  • Orange Day Kirtan in Amsterdam
    Queen's Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On April 30th, millions of people gathered in Amsterdam to celebrate - they all sported clothes, hats, garlands, feather boas and socks colored bright orange, the color associated with the royal family. The saffron-clad ISKCON devotees felt quite at home chanting Hare Krishna in this crowd of fellow orange celebrants.
  • Lifting Spirits in the Netherlands
    ISKCON devotees joined in the fun at one of the largest street parades in the world, Queen's Day in Holland.
  • Dutch Devotees Inspire Queen's Day Partygoers
    America has its Rainbow Gatherings, concerts, and football games. India has its Melas, while England and Poland have their Glastonbury and Woodstock festivals. For Holland, the biggest opportunity for bringing Krishna consciousness to the masses is Queen's Day, known locally as Koninginnedag and described on one web page as “The World’s Biggest Street Party.” On April 30, nearly two million people crowd Amsterdam's streets to celebrate the birthday festival of the Queen of the Netherlands.