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Articles tagged as Hunger

  • ISKCON Hungary Organizes Interfaith FFL on UN World Food Day

    On October 16th the United Nations and the world celebrates World Food Day. ISKCON Hungary organized a major free food distribution event to the needy in Budapest. Volunteers of different faith groups worked together and distributed 1,600 plates of hot lunch, and gave out tons of dry food, including pasta, flour, vegetable oil, rice and other items from which families can cook from for weeks.

  • Feeding the Real Hunger

    One of the main problems of life we all face is filling our bellies. We have to eat and this hard fact forces most of us out of bed and off to work every day.

  • Popular Indian Guru Swami Ramdev to Start Hunger Strike Against Corruption

    “There will be over 1 crore (10 million) people who will fast,” Ramdev told reporters at Delhi’s airport after holding talks with four government ministers, rushed there by the prime minister to urge him to call off his fast.

  • India Is Home to 42% of the World's Underweight Children
    According to a new report by the IFPRI, India is home to many of the world's hungriest children, ranking 67th in the world, as measured by the global hunger index.
  • Diet of Mud and Despair in Indian Village
    "We live on a day-to-day basis," Suraj says, as the faint sound of hammering echoes across the village. "What we earn is what we spend on our families in a day."
  • The Hungry Billion
    ONE with nine zeroes on the right looks quite tidy as a figure, but it gives an uneasy feeling when FAO says that the number of hungry people in the world has reached a historic high of more than one billion.