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  • ISKCON News Wishes You a Happy Janmashtami

    We here at ISKCON News, wish you a very healthy and happy Janmashtami. May the Lord shower you with His blessings. 


  • 'Gopal’s Glorious Gang' Creates Replica of Vrindavan in Australia

    A devotee children’s club in Australia, with about 80 children, decided to bring the holy land of Vrindavana, Krishna’s birthplace, into Brisbane.

  • Happy Janmastami! - Resources to Celebrate At Home

    The GBC's Strategic Planning Team have compiled a celebrate-at-home Janmastami portfolio, which consists of resources to make devotees' Janmastami experience delightful and filled with personal loving service to the Lord.

  • Brooklyn Borough President Attends ISKCON Janmastami Festival

    The first Janmastami festival organized by the new ISKCON management at Brooklyn’s Radha Govinda Mandir focused on improving the pilgrim experience to create lasting positive impressions for devotees and visitors alike. 

  • The Mystery of Lord Krishna's Birth

    Many residents of Mathura believe that Lord Krishna appeared in Mathura, but the residents of Vrindavan know that He was born in Vraja, in Gokula.

  • The Joy of Devotion Documentary Is Now Available in Five Languages Worldwide

    The film is now available for public screening and home streaming in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Hungarian. 

  • Celebrating Sri Madhava – The Sweetest in the Whole World

    It was the middle of the night in the monsoon season and raining heavily, and there were auspicious omens present everywhere. Lakes were full of blossoming lotus flowers and the forests with singing birds and dancing peacocks. The demigods were showering an abundance of flowers from the skies.

  • Celebrate Janmasthami & Vyasa Puja with Joy of Devotion Film Screening

    Now, in time for the upcoming Janmasthami and Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja festivals, ISKCON Communications Ministry offers centers around the globe the opportunity to entertain and inspire their congregation by screening the hour-long ‘The Joy of Devotion’ film. Now, the film also available in Spanish.

  • A Blue Baby's Birthday - In Secunderabad, India

    A Short Film on ISKCON Secunderabad's Janmastami Festival 2017 by Sandip Solleti.

  • Journey to Krishna - Janmashtami 2017

    A short inspirational video by Pandava Sena Alumni to get into the deeper mood to surrender to Krishna and get closer to him.

  • The Holy Skit - A Devotional Comedy Group

    Bhaktivedanta Manor Janmasthami 2016.

  • US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's 2016 Janmashtami Message
  • TOVP - Cinematic Aerial Footage, Mayapur Sep 2015

    Cinematic aerial footage of TOVP shot in September of 2015 in Mayapur, India.

  • Janamastami Celebration at ISKCON of Central New Jersey
  • Happy Janmasthami!

    This track produced and performed by George Harrison and featuring The London Radha Krishna Temple rose to number 16 in the UK singles record chart in 1970, and has become a timeless classic played daily in thousands of temples worldwide to greet the deities of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna in the morning.

  • Tulsi Gabbard's 2015 Janmastami Message

    "I want to take this opportunity to offer my deepest respects and gratitude to Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad, who 50 years ago made the arduous journey from India to the United States to share Krishna with the Western world. Without him, I and millions of others would never had known about the all-attractive, supremely-lovable Lord Krishna," Tulsi Gabbard says.

  • Happy Janmasthami - A Message from Tulsi Gabbard

    US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Offers Appreciation to Srila Prabhupada in Her 2015 Janmastami Message

  • The Monsoon Swing Festival - A Short Film

    This Divine Couple, Radha and Krishna, eternally engage in loving pastimes. These loving pastimes are enacted on the spiritual platform, which is free from the contamination of material inebrieties. The ocean of bliss, emanating from these loving pastimes, expands continuously. Every moment is a festival or a party that never ends.

  • Moscow Celebrates Shri Krishna Janmasthami With Spectacular Event

    In celebration of Shri Krishna’s birthday, ISKCON Moscow has organized a beautiful and spiritually deep cultural show in the prestigious Concert Hall “Russia” in Luzhniki, Moscow. Fabulous were not only the performances, which included singing, dancing, and theatrical acts of Krishna lilas and Vedic philosophy, but also the sound and the scene illumination.

  • Lord Krishna Takes Birth in Muslim Devotee’s House

    Ahmed, who is the principal of a municipal school, believes that religion does not teach hatred or rivalry, instead it promotes love and fraternity.

  • President, Prime Minister Greet the Indian Nation on Janmashtami

    President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday greeted the nation on the occasion of Janmashtami. 

  • Happy Janmashtami from Tulsi Gabbard US Congress Woman
  • Boston's Mayor Issues "Sri Krishna Janmastami Day" Proclamation

    The Honorable Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of the city of Boston, has signed a proclamation declaring August 17, 2014 to be "Sri Krishna Janamastami Day", a first for Boston ISKCON. It was at Boston’s Commonwealth Pier in 1965 that Srila Prabhupada first set foot on Western soil, and where he composed his prayer "Markine Bhagavata-dharma", entreating Lord Krishna for the spiritual deliverance of the western countries. 

  • The End Begins - A Play by Pandava Sena

    Recently,  the Pandava Sena youth group of Bhaktivedanta Manor put on a production for over 2000 people over the two days of 28th August and 1st September. It was specifically aimed to those youth between the ages of 15 and 25.

  • The God Who Conceals His Godhood So That Love Can Reign

    God. The word evokes various images in people’s minds. Some think of God as a cosmic judge seated on a celestial throne. Others envision him as an ageless sage with a long white beard.

  • A Glimpse at Janmastami and Vyasa Puja Around the ISKCON World

    Janmastami, the occasion of Lord Krishna’s appearance in Vrindavana, India, some 5,000 years ago, is celebrated with great fervor and pomp by ISKCON devotees all over the world. The following day heralds the Vyasa Puja, or birthday of Srila Prabhupada, a spiritual emissary who brought the worship of Lord Krishna to the Western World in the 1960s and founded ISKCON.

  • ISKCON of DC Adds Fresh Ideas to Inspire Devotion this Janmastami

    The ISKCON temple in the Washington D.C. suburb of Potomac, Maryland, incorporated some interesting creative as well as managerial ideas in their Janmastami festival this year, to maximize devotion in attendees.

  • Thousands Flock to Hindu festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham

    The festival was made possible by a team of 1,200 volunteers, the oldest of whom is 94.

  • A Magical "Book" on Krishna's Birth

    Created by the Minsk ISKCON devotees.

  • Happy Janmasthami!

    ISKCON News wishes all its readers a Happy Janmasthami with the beautiful music "Shyam" composed and performed by Gaurangi Dasi (Pia Richardson) and team of the U.K.

  • Public Opening of the George Harrison Memorial Garden

    The garden opens to the public at the grand Krishna festival held at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK.

  • Story of Krishna Hits Indian Cinemas This Janmastami
    On August 3rd, the weekend before Lord Krishna’s appearance day Janmastami, Indian families flocked to see “Krishna Aur Kans,” a 3D animated feature film based on ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s book Krishna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead.
  • ISKCON’s First Janmastami Celebrated in Kamsa's Prison, Mathura
    Eight months of steady preaching, culminated in the grandest celebrations of Lord Krishna’s birth in Prachin Janambhumi (prison house of Kamsa), the real birthplace of the Lord in Mathura.
  • ISKCON News Wishes Happy Janmasthami to All Its Readers!

    The Madhurastakam is a beautiful song on Krishna's sweetness composed by Sri Vallabhacharya. Its sweetness is more intensified when it is presented here in the transcendental voice of Bhakti Charu Swami.

    May the sweet-faced Lord bless you all!

  • Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria Celebrate Janmasthami with ISKCON Devotees
    “… I came as a devotee myself…. So I am one of you!” Those were the words of the High Commissioner of India to Nigeria, His Excellency Sri Mahesh Sachdev in Jos, the Plateau state capital at the celebration of Sri Krishna Janmastami hosted by ISKCON, Jos, Gwarandok.
  • A Celebration of Cows on Krishna’s Birthday

    The world’s largest Janmashtami festival outside of India at Bhaktivedanta Manor attracted more than 60,000 pilgrims on 21st and 22nd August. This year celebrated the launch of the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation, which sells milk from cows that will be retired when their milking days are over and uses bulls to work the land.

  • 3000 Flock to Free Lunch by Hare Krishna Devotees in Fiji

    Devotee and divisional health inspector Rakesh Kumar said the donation marked their respect for Lord Krishna and their love for the people all over the world. "We don't believe in racism and discrimination but we strongly believe in sharing and loving one another', he added.

  • Manipur Crisis Seeps Into Janmashtami Prayers
    Scarcity and price rise loom over celebrations though people throng Imphal temples in scores.
  • Happy Janmasthami!
    ISKCON News wishes a happy and blissful Janmasthami to all of its contributors and readers!
  • Reaching Inwards and Reaching out at Manor Festivals
    55,000 guests visited Bhaktivedanta Manor to celebrate Janmastami, Krishna's appearance, while the appearance day of His divine consort Srimati Radharani was a more intimate celebration.
  • A Thousand Little Krishnas On His Birthday
    Tens of thousands of pilgrims and guests will visit UK`s Bhaktivedanta Manor to celebrate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna. The festival will launch the first literacy program in the world to incorporate both language and phonics systems.
  • Live Internet Janmasthami Broadcast from the UK
    There will be full live online coverage of the huge Janmashtami festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor from 6:00pm GMT to midnight arati on Thursday 2nd September. Also from 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm on Sunday 5th September.
  • Young Survivor Of Terror Attack At ISKCON Set To Take Centre Stage Again
    The physical scars may still be there, but thankfully, the fear, the pangs of sorrow and the wounds inflicted on little Mritika's mind after militants triggered a bloody bomb attack at Imphal ISKCON temple four years ago, no longer haunts her.
  • Moscow Officials Visit ISKCON's Janmastami Celebration
    ISKCON Moscow has celebrated Janmastami since 1988, but this year several local dignitaries expressed their support by attending the celebrations despite the bad weather. On the 14th of August ISKCON Moscow was visited for the first time by the new administrator of Northern Moscow.
  • 1200 Volunteers Stage Janmastami; Cow Protection Featured
    The special feature of this year’s Janmashtami Festival was the new buildings for Krishna’s cows and bulls. Regular readers will know what an important part cows play in the Vaishnava life, but you may be surprised to know to what lengths the devotees at Bhaktivedanta Manor have gone to care for them.
  • Painted Pilgrim Celebrates Lord Krishna's Birth

    A painted pilgrim arrives at Bhaktivedanta Manor Krishna Temple north of London for the three-day Janmashtami festival celebrating Lord Krishna's birth.

  • Janmastami: A Unique Expression of Devotion to a Unique Deity
    This August 13th to 14th, devotees of Shri Krishna around the world celebrated Janmastami, the day of the Lord’s appearance on earth. The time of this appearance is often cited as roughly 5,000 years ago, although according to scholars the western equivalent of the exact date, given by Vedic philosopher Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, was July 19th, 3228 BC.
  • England's Janmastami Festival to Attract 70,000

    One of the largest Hindu gatherings outside India is expected to attract 70,000 people to Hertfordshire. Celebrations marking the 5,000-year-old festival of Janmashtami are taking place at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna temple in Watford.

  • Delhi Chief Minister Attends ISKCON Janmastami Festival
    Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit took an hour out to visit the ISKCON Delhi temple this Janmastami. She was received by Gopal Krishna Goswami, who brought her to see the deities of Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi and Gaura Nitai. Over fifteen media outlets telecasted the visit live.
  • Janmasthami Celebrated in Taiwan

    TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Visitors to the Taipei City Council Hall last Saturday, Aug. 23 witnessed a kaleidoscope of color and activity at the Sri Krishna Janmasthami Celebration, an annual gathering marking the birth of Lord Krishna, one of the most widely worshiped Hindu deities.

  • Krishna Janmashtami Celebrated Across Continents

    NEW YORK: Sri Krishna Janmasthami - Lord Krishna's birthday commemoration, observed on August 23 and 24 - reached new heights around the globe this year, thanks largely to hundreds of celebrations hosted by chapters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Of special significance were the celebrations in New Delhi, London, and Washington DC.

  • Indian Fashion Icon Designs for Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari
    The festivities at Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari temple (ISKCON Juhu) are reputed to be one of the largest Krishna Janmashtami celebrations in world. An estimated million people attended the two day festival at Hare Krishna Land at Mumbai. This year the Supreme Lord adorned outfits designed by none other than fashion icon and designer Manish Malhotra.
  • Manipur Janmastami Begins Amid Tight Security

    Imphal, Aug. 24: “Dad, are the flowers going to explode?” Laxmi Devi wanted to know as she inched closer to the decorated stage for Rasa Lila inside Imphal’s Iskcon temple complex. “No, darling. Nothing will happen. They are not bombs, but beautiful flowers,” said her father, Ajita Dasa.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Celebrates 'Best Janmastami Ever'
    The Janmashtami festival at Bhaktivednata Manor, UK, was expecting 65,000 over two days but it is estimated that 50,000 attended the first day in a record breaking attendance, which is becoming to be one of the most unique spiritual festivals in Britiain. At one point 14,000 cars were parked by 200 volunteers in 78 acres of land.
  • Alachua Celebrates Janmastami
    ALACHUA – Nearly 2,000 people gathered in Alachua on Saturday to celebrate the birthday of Krishna, the deity worshiped in the Hare Krishna religion. The celebration, which took place at the New Raman Reti Temple on N.W. 112th Boulevard, featured a miniature replica of the Village of Vrndavan, which was the home of Krishna.
  • New Seattle Center Throws Big Janmastami Party
    They began to arrive at 5:30 a.m. Saturday. At first it was a slow trickle through the main entrance, as people took off their shoes and greeted each other with, “Hare Krishna.” Eventually, the parking lot was buzzing with thousands of area Hare Krishna followers who poured into the brand-new Vedic Cultural Center in Sammamish.
  • Delhi Honors Birth of Krishna

    Little children dressed up as Krishna - flute in hand and peacock feather stuck on headband - did the rounds of colonies as Hindus decorated homes with garlands and floral motifs and visited temples on Sunday to celebrate Janmashtami, the birthday of the much-loved Hindu god.

  • ISKCON Ludhiana Celebrates Janmastami
    Sri Krishna Janmashtmi was celebrated on 24th August at ISKCON, Ludhiana, India. 1008 different food preperations were offered to Their Lordships. This year all devotees who came to see the Deities got the opportunity to participate in the bathing ceremony, although they needed to wait for over an hour in the long queue.
  • Janmastami celebrated in Trinidad

    Thousands in Trinidad and Tobago celebrated the Janmashtami festival, joining their counterparts the world over in marking the occasion of the birth of Lord Krishna, one of Hinduism's most popular deities. A large number of devotees thronged more than 200 temples, most managed by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), on Saturday night.

  • Tight Security at Temples for Janmastami

    NEW DELHI: Security has been beefed up by Delhi Police at more than dozen temples across Delhi and NCR ahead of the Janmashtami celebrations on Sunday. Elaborate security and traffic arrangements have been made in the Capital and major temples where Janmashtami will be celebrated have been put under electronic surveillance.

  • Udupi celebrates Krishna Janmashtami
    Udupi/Mangalore, August 24, 2008: On Saturday night midnight Udupi illustrated why it was a special town, especially for Krishna's pooja. The entire city had been decorated pompously for the event. The road leading to the Car street from all four sides were decorated while the Car street itself was dazzling with lights and religious spirit was the hallmark of the night.
  • Vrindavana Dhama Comes to Florida this Janmastami

    Devotees visiting the New Raman Reti community in Alachua, Florida this Janmastami are in for a special treat.

    First introduced in 2007, the Village of Vrindavana is a miniature version of the real Indian holy place. It was created by second generation devotee Raghunatha Zaldivar and his friends, who set to work when they found themselves still buzzing with creative energy after last year’s youth festival, Alachua Kuli Mela.

  • UK Janmastami Festival Expects Record Crowds

    Spritual food is the theme for this year’s annual Janmashtami festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor later this month. The manor off Hilfield Lane in Aldenham, which boasts extensive grounds, will play host to the largest Krishna festival outside India when it stages the event on August 24 and 25.

  • Janmastami: A Timeless Celebration
    All you need is love... when George Harrison sang these lines, wonder if he had been thinking about Lord Krishna! Krishna's birthday is celebrated all over the world as Krishna Janmashtami, Krishna Jayanthi or Gokulashtami. No other deity's birth is enveloped in such high drama.