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  • Church of England Says Christians Must Repent for Past Antisemitism

    Document acknowledges Christians’ part in persecution of Jewish people over centuries.

  • ISKCON New Vrindaban Reaches Out to Jewish Community

    On October 27, ISKCON New Vrindaban devotees in West Virginia heard of the horrific mass shooting at the Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, a 90-minute drive away from their idyllic rural community. Jaya Krishna Das, the Temple President of ISKCON New Vrindaban, wrote a heart-warming condolence letter to the Tree of Life Synagogue and the Jewish community, which was noted by the Intelligencer newspaper of Pennsylvania. 

  • Would You Hide a Jew From the Nazis?

    “I remember being on a ship to New York and hearing that some Americans didn’t want to let us in because there were Nazi spies among us."

  • Pope Francis, Visiting Auschwitz, Asks God for the ‘Grace to Cry’

    Pope Francis walked in the footsteps of his two predecessors as he visited the former extermination camp at Auschwitz, where he paid silent homage to the more than one million victims.

  • Maharashtra State in India Grants Jews Minority Status

    "Our loyalty also lies with India, this being the country that accepted us almost 2,500 years ago, and one of the only countries in the world which never persecuted the Jews in all these years,” Mr. Samuel said.

  • Could Spreading European Anti-Semitism Drive Jews From Homelands?

    Across Europe, 66% of Jewish people see anti-Semitism as a problem in their respective countries today — as high as 90% in Hungary and 85% in France.

  • Do We All Worship the Same God?

    I would like to think so. Something tells me that heaven isn't divided up into a Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jewish heaven.

  • Rosh Hashana: Celebrating the Birth of the World

    As Jews around the world celebrate Rosh Hashana, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, reflects that the holiday "reminds us that whoever we are or wherever we are or whatever we believe or whatever politics we hold, or any of the things which so often divide us, we are all possessed of a fundamental dignity and value and equality that is unassailable."

  • Nigeria's Igbo Jews: 'Lost tribe' of Israel?

    The Igbo are one of Nigeria's largest ethnic groups with population estimates ranging from 20 to 50 million. Abor is convinced that the Igbo's ancestors were Jews.

  • 'Gathering The Fragments' Exhibit Marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day

    When Stella Knobel's family fled World War II Poland in 1939, the only thing the 7-year-old girl could take with her was her teddy bear. For the next six years, the stuffed animal never left her side as the family wandered through the Soviet Union, to Iran and finally the Holy Land.

  • D.C. Devotees Attend Jewish-Hindu Evening of Exploration
    ISKCON devotees were invited to participate in “A Jewish-Hindu Evening of Exploration!” at the Adat Shalom synagogue in Bethesda, Maryland, on Saturday January 5th.
  • On Thanksgiving, Jews and Muslims Volunteer Together Despite Middle East Violence
    The interfaith collaboration has been going on for five years, but the recent exchange of rockets between Gaza and Israel is weighing especially hard on both communities this week.
  • Euro Imams, Rabbis Pledge Zero Tolerance for Hate Preachers

    Seventy European Muslim and Jewish leaders pledged on Wednesday to show "zero tolerance" to hate preachers of any faith including their own ranks, citing what they called rising religious intolerance on the continent.

  • Interfaith Childhood: Growing Up the Jewish Daughter of a Hindu Guru
    By the mid-1990s, any celebrity worth their Page Six mention had taken up yoga and toured India with my father, their guide/guru. Madonna even invited him over for dinner. Yet all I could think was, “I hope he doesn’t visit me at school wearing his dhoti, a long loincloth that looks like an adult diaper.”
  • People of the Byte
    Jews have long been the People of the Book. But as computers replace books and possibly libraries, museums, and universities, will they soon be the People of the Byte? If so, what will happen to their understanding of their history?
  • Jobless Ultra-Orthodox Weigh On Israel's Economy
    Ultra-Orthodox Jews, or "Haredim," are a devout tight-knit community who make up 8-10 percent of Israel's 7.7 million population, with eight children per family on average. Many are supported by the state and live well below the poverty line.
  • Pope Says Jews Not to Blame for Jesus' Death
    The Jewish people as a whole were not responsible for Jesus' crucifixion, and their descendants have not inherited blame for his death, Pope Benedict XVI writes in a new book to be published on March 10.
  • Study Highlights German Foreign Ministry's Role in Holocaust
    Historians have found that the German Foreign Ministry was far more deeply involved in the Holocaust than had been thought. A new study commissioned by former minister Joschka Fischer in 2005 is due to present its findings this week, and concludes that diplomats went on covering up the past for decades.
  • Who is a Muslim or Jew?
    When I heard of the bizarre case recently in Ohio, in which Carolyn Savage, due to the mistake of a fertility clinic, gave birth to a baby boy that didn't genetically belong to her.
  • Two Ancient Religions Behave Like Old Friends

    Recent studies found that, on average, Jews and Hindus are the most educated religious groups in the United States, with similar economic structures and the highest retention rate of believers. Yet there is little exposure of one faiths to the other. On June 14, a Hindu-Jewish interfaith meeting in New York and Washington helped the two faith groups make each other’s acquaintance.

  • Jewish Vegetarians Weigh in Against "Animal-based Agriculture"
    New York - March 6, 2008 -- The Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA) announced today that it strongly commends the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) for initiating a "Scientists and Economists' Call to Action," which urges U.S.-based scientists and economists to sign a letter which calls for "policies that will ensure swift and deep reductions in U.S. emissions of heat-trapping gases."
  • Jewish Ritual Baths Attracting New Interest
    They used to be everywhere there were Jews. Mikvahs, ritual purification pools used by observant Jewish women, have been considered so important to Jewish communities that even a sacred Torah could be sold to build one.
  • Jews Revive the Sanhedrin With Plans for a Passover Sacrifice

    As Easter eclipses the last days of Passover this year, Christians will focus again on the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. The Sanhedrin, meanwhile, will literally attempt to resurrect the Passover sacrifice of old.

  • Jewish Ritual Baths Attracting New Interest

    LIVINGSTON, N.J. - They used to be everywhere there were Jews. Mikvahs, ritual purification pools used by observant Jewish women, have been considered so important to Jewish communities that even a sacred Torah could be sold to build one.