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  • From Kitchen to Heart
  • The Last Drop

    A tasty drink tastes even more when you are finishing it. It is the last drop that gives the feeling of being relished, enjoyed, along with the trace of sadness of it being over too soon. The urge to taste and enjoy is the game we get entangled in. Similar was the situation I got stuck in, after tasting the last drop of lassi, a drink relished in India during summers. Suddenly what flashed in my mind were numerous paintings of baby Sri Krishna attempting to take out makkhan (butter) from an earthen pot.

  • ISKCON Desire Tree Launches New Satellite TV Channel

    Hare Krsna TV telecasts live Aratis, lectures, kirtans, recipes, inspirational and motivational talks by eminent ISKCON-teachers and much more. 

  • Radha Krishna Records: Mantra Music Sees Upbeat Embellishments

    London's Radha Krishna Records is rejoicing a fruitful year ahead as it flows in to its 12th year as a not-for-profit record label. There is lately a wave of buzzing activity for the label as it introduces Mantra Lounge Volume 4 later this year.

  • Gopal Krishna Goswami Is Progressively Recovering from COVID-19

    In the past two weeks, he has been recovering very nicely,  now he is back serving on the altar and started to take small speaking engagements.

  • Gopal Krishna Goswami Is Better, Released From Hospital

    A few days ago, after a period of repeated fevers, it had been confirmed that Gopal Krishna Goswami tested positive for Covid-19 and was admitted to a hospital in New Delhi — making the worldwide ISKCON community very worried.  

  • A Bridge to Krishna

    "In chanting you want to be so absorbed that you touch Krishna, that you touch the spiritual world and that when you have completed your chanting you will have a Krishna conscious fragrance or influence around you."

  • Poem: In My Heart You Will Stay

    "The boat of your lotus feet / Will get me across the ocean of life some day. / No matter come what may / In my heart you will stay...."

  • Uplifting Service

    Krishna Lunch has been a University of Florida staple for nearly 40 years but, like many things, coronavirus brought the daily campus tradition to a swift halt. Now, the meals are being distributed to other hungry folk.

  • Photographer Shares His Experience of Lockdown at Krishna Balaram Mandir

    With the streets outside so quiet, devotees have started to hear birds singing sweetly again, parrots landing on the lower branches of the trees, and peacocks calling.

  • HARE KRISHNA! Movie: Free Viewing This Weekend

    The 90-minute feature-length Documentary ‘HARE KRISHNA! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami who started it all’ will be available for free viewing  From Friday, April 10th at 12pm (EST-USA) to Monday, April 13th at 12pm (EST-USA). 

  • “Krishna Lunch for Healthcare Heroes” Launches in Gainesville, Florida

    Called “Krishna Lunch for Healthcare Heroes,” the program was formally launched on April 2, 2020 (Rama Navami). A number of congregational members promptly stepped up to offer much needed financial support to get the new program off the ground.   

  • Tallahassee Krishna House Rebuilds Community

    First established by Brahmananda Das in the 1970s, ISKCON of Tallahassee, Florida closed down before restarting in a new building in the 1990s. After struggling with financial and organizational challenges in more recent times, the center is once again getting a new lease of life with a new name – the Tallahassee Krishna House.

  • Hare Krishna! Films Opens in 20 Cities in Italy

    It all started when Mukundananda  Das from Rome expressed keen interest in bringing the movie to Italy and he got encouraged to find a distributor. 

  • Needs, Loss, and Krishna

    The evolution from seeing Krishna as the supplier of our needs to seeing him as our greatest need usually takes many lifetimes.

  • Krishna Spectacular in London Attracts 3,000 People

    This was a modern expression of ancient culture in a spectacular story of how timeless wisdom from India came to swinging 60s London, and what a beautiful blue boy called Krishna has to teach people about the world today.

  • Book Review - Babhru Dasa, Divine Intoxication: The Life and Love of Srila Akincana Krishna Dasa Babaji Maharaja

    A spiritual tradition is known by its luminaries. When one looks at a tradition in the abstract, much is missed, but if you look at the lives of people who live it on a daily basis, you see what the tradition is really all about.

  • New Fortunate People App Makes Spreading The Holy Name Easy

    Since 2016, when it was launched as an offering to Srila Prabhupada for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary, the Fortunate People project has seen devotees film people chant the Hare Krishna mantra for the first time “for love and peace.”

  • The Mystery of Lord Krishna's Birth

    Many residents of Mathura believe that Lord Krishna appeared in Mathura, but the residents of Vrindavan know that He was born in Vraja, in Gokula.

  • Pioneer Preacher Pusta Krishna Das Passes Away

    Born Paul Dossick, he joined ISKCON in October 1970 in Gainesville, Florida. Leaving college as a premed student in his last quarter, he immediately set off with Gargamuni Swami to assist the preaching in Dhaka, East Pakistan, in March 1971. In April, when the Bangladesh Liberation War broke out, they escaped to Bombay just in time. 

  • New Book Brings Cow Care Into Serious Discussion in Academia and Beyond

    Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics, a new book by ISKCON guru and scholar Krishna Kshetra Swami, will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in early 2020.  The work is set to make caring for cows, in the spirit of devotion, a serious topic of discussion in academia worldwide. 

  • Krishna Food Relief Serves the Homeless Sandwiches, Socks and the Holy Name

    “One day on my way there, I saw an old lady eating out of a garbage can,” Jagai says. “That really disturbed me, and I could not stop thinking about her. The next weekend on Harinama, a devotee family showed up with leftover sack lunches they had been distributing to homeless people in their neighborhood.

  • Gainesville Krishna House Devotees Share With Other Faiths at “Progressive Dinner”

    Participating were about seventy congregation members – many of them young students – as well as pastors from the Catholic, Quaker, LDS and Wesley United Methodist churches, the Jewish campus organization Hillel, and of course Krishna House. 

  • Pilgrimage to Udupi 2019

    Udupi is considered to be “Mathura of the South,“ where the Supreme Lord Krishna performed many childhood pastimes for the pleasure of his mother Devaki.

  • Celebrating Sri Madhava – The Sweetest in the Whole World

    It was the middle of the night in the monsoon season and raining heavily, and there were auspicious omens present everywhere. Lakes were full of blossoming lotus flowers and the forests with singing birds and dancing peacocks. The demigods were showering an abundance of flowers from the skies.

  • “Krishna Lunch Lane” Sign at University of Florida Commemorates Prasadam Legacy

    A recent remodel of the Plaza of the Americas, the leafy main crossroads of the University of Florida (UF) campus, includes a sign reading “Krishna Lunch Lane” to commemorate the prasadam distribution program that has served students there for the past forty-five years. 

  • Recording the Hare Krishna Mantra with George Harrison

    From Martin Scorsese's documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World

  • Hare Krishna! Film Updates From Around the World

    India is hosting 700 screenings in one-week, Canada release January 22nd, and South America and New Zealand planned for the early new year.

  • Vice President of India Calls Srila Prabhupada an “Ambassador of Indian Civilization”

    The Vice President of India, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, inaugurated ISKCON's East West Cultural Festival in New Delhi yesterday. The event also saw the Indian premiere of the film Hare Krishna!, written and directed by Yadubara Das and Visakha Dasi. 

  • GBC Meeting Clarifies Krishna West is Part of ISKCON

    Good communication brings about a healthy relationship, as ISKCON’s Governing Body Comission and ISKCON guru Hridayananda Das Goswami found this month. Hridayananda Maharaja’s Krishna West project began in 2013. But due to ill health, he had not had the chance to meet with the full GBC body about it until this October 15th and 16th, during their mid-term meetings in Ujjain, India.

  • DJ Michael Phoenix - Maha Mantra | Official Music Video

    A day on the beautiful New Govardhana farm in NSW, Australia.

  • Reviews of the Hare Krishna! Movie in the US

    Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement, and the Swami Who Started It All had its world premiere in June, at the Illuminate film festival in Sedona, in the USA. At the time of writing, the well-known movie review site, was reporting that 92% of their visitors who rated the movie liked it. The professional critics are not so sure, giving it only 14% on the Tomatometer. 

  • Krishna The Lover Of The Gopis
  • “Hare Krishna!” Film to Start US Nationwide Release This June

    “Hare Krishna! The Mantra, The Movement and the Swami Who Started It All,” a ninety-minute documentary film about the life and achievements of ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada, will start its nationwide roll-out in the U.S. this June. The ambitious film, originally titled “Acharya” and directed by John Griesser (Yadubara Das), has been much-awaited by ISKCON devotees and congregation everywhere.

  • Ananda Monet - Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (Official Music Video)
  • All Attractive Lord

    A fun music video of devotees seeing Krsna everywhere.

  • Sri Krishna Govinda (Official Video) - Govinda Sky

    Sri Krishna Govinda from the album Ocean of Mercy. Jaya Madhava Das (Vocals/Lyrics), Trevor Buckingham (Producer, Backing vocals, guitars,percussion etc), Eddie-ji (Guitar, backing vocals), Guest Backing vocal: Eamon Sefton

  • A Day at Goloka Dhama

    This short film depicts a day at Germany's Goloka Dham farm, just before Krishna Kshetra Swami's sannyasa initiation. A video by bhaktin Inci Milano.

  • 2014 Is World Holy Name Week’s Biggest Success So Far

    World Holy Name Week (WHNW), first established in 2008, has seen its biggest success so far this year. In 2013, around forty-three different ISKCON centers celebrated the week in some capacity with events designed to share, spread and become absorbed in the Holy Name of God. This year, WHNW organizers have already received reports from over fifty ISKCON centers from every continent in the world.

  • Krishna and Balarama in Kamsa's Arena
  • University of Florida and Krishna Lunch: The Cooperation Goes Stronger

    Serving up to 1,200 students a day, five days a week, the Krishna Lunch prasadam distribution program has flourished under Srila Prabhupada's vision. Krishna Lunch is served on the University of Florida's main crossroads, the Plaza of the Americas, which is the very place Srila Prabhupada lectured to over 500 students and faculty on his visit to Gainesville in 1971. 

  • Generations Grew Up on Krishna Lunch at the University of Florida

    Krishna Lunch has been served at the University of Florida for 40 years. There is now students graduatinfg from this school who would not have eaten there at least once. ISKCON now partners with the University to upgrade the campus Plaza where the food distribution has been taking place for decades. 

  • New Scholarly Work Gives Deeper Understanding of Deity Worship

    Attending Krishna’s Image: Caitanya Vaisnava Murti-seva as Devotional Truth  by ISKCON scholar and guru Krishna Kshetra Das (Kenneth R. Valpey) discusses how the ancient historical tradition was brought from India to countries all over the world. It shows how it has taken firm root today in both India and the West

  • 32,000 Year Old City Discovered in India

    An excerpt from a History Channel documentary.

  • How Deaf People Can Chant Hare Krishna ?

    A video published by

  • Krishna Dharma’s New Book Opens a Door to the Bhagavatam

    He’s already retold the epic spiritual classics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. His are among the bestselling English editions, with 60,000 and 100,000 in print respectively, and have garnered ebullient praise from the media, academia and general public alike. And now Krishna Dharma has retold the work closest to his heart in “Brilliant as the Sun: A Summary of Srimad Bhagavatam, the Complete Science of God.”

  • Hare Krishna With Symphonic Orchestra in Tallinn, Estonia

    Part of the concert with Aditi-Dukha ha Das and a symphonic orchestra. Arranged by Shri Harinam Mandir, ISKCON, Tallinn, Estonia.

  • "Morning Meditation" by the Red Rock Rishis

    Morning Meditation is a song off the Rishis' CD  album, "The Beginning Is Near". This as well as the rest of their musical productions, and eight other music videos, can all be heard by going on their website:

  • Fulfilling Our Longing for Love

    Love is our innermost longing. Gita wisdom declares that our longing for love is best fulfilled when we learn to love Krishna.

  • ISKCON Youth Travel and Serve in Europe

    This summer, the Krishna Culture Youth Bus Tour toured Europe for the first time ever.

  • Little Krishna - The Darling of Vrindavana

    An animation by Big Animation.

  • ISKCON’s First Janmastami Celebrated in Kamsa's Prison, Mathura
    Eight months of steady preaching, culminated in the grandest celebrations of Lord Krishna’s birth in Prachin Janambhumi (prison house of Kamsa), the real birthplace of the Lord in Mathura.
  • Coming August 3rd to Theaters Worldwide: "Krishna Hey" - The Animation

    "Hey Krishna" ("Krishna Aur Kans" in India) is India's first stereographic 3-D animated feature ever - and it's based entirely on Srila Prabhupada's "Krishna" book. It will be released in many theaters worldwide on the 3rd of August, 2012. It is timed for Janmastami, Krishna`s appearance day.

  • A Thousand Little Krishnas On His Birthday
    Tens of thousands of pilgrims and guests will visit UK`s Bhaktivedanta Manor to celebrate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna. The festival will launch the first literacy program in the world to incorporate both language and phonics systems.
  • "Lord Krishna Existed. School Texts are Wrong"
    Did Krishna exist? Most certainly, says Dr Manish Pandit, a nuclear medicine physician who teaches in the United Kingdom, proffering astronomical, archaeological, linguistic and oral evidences to make his case. "I used to think of Krishna is a part of Hindu myth and mythology. Imagine my surprise when I came across Dr Narhari Achar (a professor of physics at the University of Memphis, Tennessee, in the US) and his research in 2004 and 2005. He had done the dating of the Mahabharata war using astronomy. I immediately tried to corroborate all his research using the regular Planetarium software and I came to the same conclusions [as him]," Pandit says.
  • Krishna's Pastimes are Jubilant

    This clip is an excerpt from a lecture given the Founder Acarya of ISKCON, namely His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupda, in New York around April of 1973.

    Here he discusses the temporary nature of our material existence and the permanently blissful activities of the spiritual realm.

  • Krishna: Expert Dancer, Uninhibited Lover
    "I would believe in a God who could dance", said German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. During his time, God was generally portrayed as a frozen perfection, remote, static, and wholly unsociable. No wonder he was disillusioned by this stereotypical idea of God.
  • Janmastami: A Timeless Celebration
    All you need is love... when George Harrison sang these lines, wonder if he had been thinking about Lord Krishna! Krishna's birthday is celebrated all over the world as Krishna Janmashtami, Krishna Jayanthi or Gokulashtami. No other deity's birth is enveloped in such high drama.