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  • Cold Showers

    The best things I ever did were often the very things I passionately resisted in the beginning. The things I avoided, argued against and convinced myself were unnecessary – those were the things that brought me the invaluable jewels of growth.

  • What Makes Us Resilient, or Weak?

    What makes some people resilient and some people weak? It’s primarily because of the way they look at things, especially when they go wrong. 

  • Complaining Is No One’s Birthright

    Some people are chronic complainers who justify their negativity, irritability and disagreeability self-righteously, “Can’t you see how many things have gone wrong in my life? What else do you expect from me?”

  • How to Derive Maximum Pleasure from Our Senses

    Our senses, which are mostly uncontrolled, are compared to deadly serpents. Just as a bite of a snake kills a person similarly the wild senses many a times drive a person crazy to the extent that the person destroys himself.

  • Meeting Our Emotions

    Sometimes, in the interests of spiritual development, practitioners avoid, suppress, or disconnect from their feelings viewing them as taboo.

  • Find Your Own Story

    The world is like a mega-theater where multiple stories are being enacted. Herein, we can enact a grand story, provided we understand ourselves.

  • Are We In Control Of Our Senses?

    The material energy binds us in this material world by our senses. The more we try hard to enjoy here our senses becomes wild and strong.  And instead of we being in control of our senses our uncontrolled senses take control of our lives.

  • Mind Your Mind Before Minding Anyone Else’s Mind

    When someone’s misbehavior irritates us, we may tell them off: “Why are you letting your mind take you for a ride?”

  • Fighting With Temptations

    We all have to fight an inner war against temptation. In that war, our mind is like a discouraging inner voice that keeps making our opponent seem bigger and tougher than what it actually is.

  • Beyond Border Control/Mind Control

    We’re not controllers. When we accept this, we have an opportunity to practice patience and humility which strengthen our ability to control the mind.

  • Respect The Dark Within You

    We all have an enemy within us: our dark side. This dark side is comprised of our lust, anger, greed, envy, arrogance and illusion. Such dark drives are stored as impressions in our mind.

  • Mental Muscle

    Most times we can’t make up our mind. Even when we do, we keep changing our mind. When there are challenges, we lose our mind.

  • Purification Puts the Mind in the Silent Mode

    Just as our phone disturbs us externally, our mind disturb us internally.

  • Nothing that a Goat Won’t Eat Nothing that a Goat Won’t Eat

    According to an Indian proverb, there’s nothing that a goat won’t eat and nothing that a madman won’t say.

  • Be Open-minded, Not Empty-minded

    Contemporary ethos exhorts us to be open-minded and excoriates the follies and perils of close-mindedness. Given that many people with narrow-minded, black-and-white view of things are intolerant and even violent, we do need reminders to be open-minded.

  • Know Your Enemy

    We live in a world of bitter competition wherein our rivals sometimes become enemies bent on destroying us. Amidst such external hostility, it is easy to forget that worse than the worst outer enemies is the inner enemy of our own unguarded thoughts.

  • Taming the Turbulent Mind - by Pandit Dasa

    Our thoughts can cause a lot of turbulence in our mind. Everyday, we're bombarded by thousands of images, sound, and smells. Mindfulness and meditation can help tame the turbulent mind.

  • Pressing Pause During Stress

    We cause ourselves lots of stress and anxiety by needlessly thinking about the difficulties of the past and worrying about things that may never happen. This video will help understand this phenomena and how to press stop when I mind goes out of control. Please enjoy and share! website:

  • Understanding the Clutter of the Mind

    Everyday, we are being bombarded by tens of thousands of impressions. All of these impressions can clutter the mind. When we get a better understanding of where most of our stress is coming from, we will be able to reduce or eliminate it. A video by Gadadhara Pandit.

  • What the 12 Dots Teach You

    There is an image going viral on the Internet, with the taunting challenge, "you cannot see the 12 dots in this image at the same time". And you really can't. As your eyes drift about the image, different dots become visible, and others disappear. And minds to the same thing with life! According to the kind of mindset you have, you will perceive life a certain way. In this short video, Giridhari Das shows this image and explains more what you can learn from it.

  • How to Reconcile a Sentimental Heart and a Skeptical Mind

    A video by Devamrita Swami.

  • How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body

    The benefits of mindfulness meditation, increasingly popular in recent years, are supposed to be many: reduced stress and risk for various diseases, improved well-being, a rewired brain.

  • Let Emotion Inform, But Not Form Our Decision

    Our emotions are a big part of who we are, but they are not all of us. We are bigger than our present emotions, most of which relate with our external material shell, not our spiritual core.

  • Beware of the Mind’s "Divide and Rule" Strategy

    A standard war strategy for defeating a strong enemy is divide and rule. The Bhagavad-gita (06.06) states that the mind can often act as our enemy. Acting inimically, it targets us with this strategy when we practice bhakti-yoga. 

  • Soul-ution

    The morning hours are the most conducive for spiritual practice since the mind can peacefully flow toward the spiritual goal. However, just as early morning road works slowed down my car, mental agitation can similarly inhibit the strength of one’s spiritual connection.

  • The Science of Attraction

    The mind is fascinating. Especially, how easily it gets roped into finding someone attractive. The greatest films are based on that storyline: boy meets girl. But did you know that attraction is a science?

  • The Mind: Your Life's CEO

    Do we find ourselves, needlessly dwelling on negative situations for long periods of time, unable to detach ourselves from our thoughts? This is a problem shared by all of humanity. The mind is an equal opportunity misery provider.

  • Karl Jung and the Indian Mysticism: Academic Conference in Chile

    “How does the concept of “mind” emerged? How the division of science was conceived? What was the contribution from the philosopher and psychiatrist Carl Jung to Western philosophy?” The conference was led by the psychologist Huber Hutchin Robinson, internationally known as Hanumat Presaka Swami, an ISKCON monk who spreads the knowledge of the ancient Indian texts since more than 30 years.

  • Split Personality

    If we engage with the world in a way that is foreign to our natural personality, we end up struggling, sweating and falling short of our true potential.

  • Organized Chaos

    People are often inhibited from revealing their hearts, and instead lock up things within, causing destructive emotions to brew up and eventually surface in unhealthy ways.

  • Mind Games

    During our life journey we are perpetually accompanied by the “voice within”. Yes, we’ve all experienced it - the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, each giving their words of wisdom to the confused person in-between.

  • The Greatest Threat to Individual Freedom Is the Individual

    Few things raise people's guard as much as threats to their freedom from totalitarian governments.

  • Isn’t It More Peaceful to Appease Temptation Than to Battle It?
    It is true that our fight against various sensual temptations can gradually wear down our will to fight – especially when the temptations seem to keep returning endlessly like an enemy army with unending reserve forces.
  • AXED: A Short Film about Mind Control

    An innovative way to share Krishna-conscious philosophy by Mahat Tattva Das.

  • ISKCON Scholar Speaks On Link Between Mental and Spiritual Health

    Addressing an audience of around forty, ISKCON scholar Ravindra Svarupa Dasa spoke on the connection between mental and spiritual health at the annual conference of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy on March 25th.

  • The Road Less Travelled
    Through the process of mantra, we whisper sacred names of Krishna and try to conscientiously hear that transcendental vibration. Attentive aural reception frees the mind, cleanses the heart, and brings one in contact with the spiritual reality.
  • The Biggest Conspiracy
    Are power-hungry underground groups like the Illuminati plotting to rule mankind by establishing the New World Order? Was 9-11 an Al-Qaeda terrorist attack, or did the Bush administration help orchestrate the entire incident to justify military policy in the Middle East?
  • Bacteria Found in Cow Dung Can Make You Smarter

    Researchers from the Sage Colleges in Troy, NY, USA, reported today their findings that specific bacteria common to our environment may increase learning behavior.

  • The Mind Wasters
    "The mind is a terrible thing to waste" is the slogan of a large non-profit organization in the United States that raises money to help African American youth with college scholarships. You'd think that everyone would want to prevent the wasting of a mind-especially one's own.