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  • Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Elaborate Cakes are the Sweetest Offering This Radhastami

    This Radhastami, a series of eight cakes depicting Srimati Radharani’s glories and Her pastimes with Lord Krishna were offered to Sri-Sri Radha Gokulananda at the UK’s Bhaktivedanta Manor, by a team of dedicated and extraordinarily artistic devotees.

  • Happy Radhastami from ISKCON News

    Radhastami is the day we celebrate the appearance of Srimati Radharani, Lord Krishna's eternal consort. Radharani’s appearance occurred on the eighth day of the bright moon in the month of Bhadra. Although generally not full on that day, the moon appeared full to celebrate Radharani’s appearance in this world, because of this Radhashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of the bright fortnight (shukla paksha ashtami) in the month of Bhadra (August/September). 

  • Srila Prabhupada Lecture: Radhastami, Montreal, August 30, 1968

    Radharani is the pleasure potency of Krishna. Krishna is the Supreme Brahman. Just try to understand. Krishna is the Supreme Brahman. Param brahma param dhama pavitram paramam bhavan [Bg. 10.12]. So when param brahma wants to enjoy... That enjoying spirit is there in the param brahma. Otherwise we cannot have this enjoying spirit. Because we are part and parcel, therefore we have got that enjoying spirit; but that is materially contaminated. But the fact is there, because Krishna,

  • Urban Devi Sanga – Meditations on Sri Radha: The Original Sacred Feminine

    Urban Devi Sanga explores meditations on Srimati Radharani, the original sacred feminine.  To watch this sanga please click here. During this sanga, Rukmini Devi references a special recipe said to a favorite of Sri Radhika, she shares it with us below:

  • Karuna Care to Host Virtual Radhastami Festival

    Karuna Care Education invites you to participate in a virtual Radhastami celebration in three international time zones. 
    Please join us and bring a quote, story, song, picture, or anything that has inspired you about the glories of Srimati Radharani!

  • ISKCON Mayapur to Provide Virtual Reality Radhastami Experience

    An innovative new project promises to bring Mayapur to you – straight into your living room – via an immersive 360 degree Virtual Reality film on Radhastami, August 26th.