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  • Remembering Help in Freeing Soviet Hare Krishnas Rendered by Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke

    News of the peaceful death of former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke on May 16that the age of 89, has evoked praise of the charismatic leader. Dominating Australian politics in the 1980s, he is credited with introducing universal healthcare, modernising the economy. A lesser known achievement is his 1987 intervention to help free the Hare Krishna devotees from state persecution in the USSR.

  • A Man is on Trial in Russia — for Talking about Yoga

    “I am concerned about the complete arbitrariness of this law, which can lead to the persecution of my many fellow citizens who practice yoga and study Indian philosophy,” Ugai wrote in his blog.

  • Woman's Prayers Lead to Massive Fine in Kazakhstan
    Sunday service prompts government to demand the equivalent of nearly 1,000 US dollars.
  • Russian ISKCON Temple Given Ultimatum to Vacate Premises
    Hare Krishnas of Vladimir city received an ultimatum to vacate their place of worship by September 1st 2009. A U.S. Congress-backed panel has included Russia on its Watch List of countries where people’s religious freedoms are at risk.
  • Police Raid Nityananda's Festival in Uzbekistan

    A Hare Krishna festival in Uzbekistan's central city of Samarkand [Samarqand] in the north-western Karakalpakstan [Qoraqalpoghiston] region, was raided and halted by the authorities, police have confirmed to Forum 18 News Service. Police are gathering evidence to open administrative cases against Zafar Kasimov, a Hare Krishna devotee in Samarkand.

  • Advocate Condemns Kazakh Expulsion of Krishna Leader

    The Washington D.C. based Institute on Religion and Public Policy – one of the world’s best respected advocates for freedom of religion and belief – has condemned the Kazakhstan government’s January 27 deportation of ISKCON leader Bhakti Bringha Govinda Swami.

  • KAZAKHSTAN: Authorities Demolish 12 More Homes in Hare Krishna Community
    The demolition of the homes began simultaneously in different areas of the summer colony. While the earth excavators were demolishing houses in one part of the village, workers destroyed the houses with sledgehammers and crowbars in another part. The earth excavators completed the work by leveling the houses to the ground.