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Articles tagged as Sense-control

  • Winning the War Against Temptation

    Those who relapse aren’t always witless or will-less, they are often weapon-less.

  • Are We In Control Of Our Senses?

    The material energy binds us in this material world by our senses. The more we try hard to enjoy here our senses becomes wild and strong.  And instead of we being in control of our senses our uncontrolled senses take control of our lives.

  • Fighting With Temptations

    We all have to fight an inner war against temptation. In that war, our mind is like a discouraging inner voice that keeps making our opponent seem bigger and tougher than what it actually is.

  • Why Follow Caturmasya?

    It is stated in the Nectar of Devotion that by following the regulative principles of Caturmasya, one can quickly be raised to the platform of devotional service.

  • The "Locker Room" Excuse - What Do The Vedas Say?

    Probably, most of us say things in private we wouldn't dare utter in public. But, is that acceptable or morally healthy? Hindu texts indicate that all speech reveals who we are. The Upanishads say our actual character is made up of our deepest desires; those desires manifest as our words and actions, which, in turn, create our destiny. 

  • Getting By In the Kali-yuga

    Human life is all about regulation. Morality means regulation. Children and young people getting an education requires regulation. Married life requires regulation. And driving safely on the road requires regulation. Why shouldn’t this apply to businesses?

  • The Urge to Speak

    Political trash talking is not becoming of us. It never has been. It never will be. Therefore, I am greatly relieved by the sudden reemergence of civility in American public debate. Hopeful this trend will last. I suggest that the Vedic voice of ancient India may provide the necessary guidance.