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  • My Daily Prayers - A Gift Book to All Devotees by Sivarama Swami

    “At this time our planet and our devotees need prayer. No doubt many devotees have their own prayers," Maharaja shares.

  • Sivarama Swami Presents Bhagavad-gita As It Is at Hungary's Largest Bookstore Chain

    The book has been available in translation for many years in Hungary, but could only be obtained through book distributing devotees. However, 2019 has been announced to be the year of Bhagavad Gita in Hungary, therefore the organizers thought it was timely to make the Gita available through bookshops.

  • Yamuna Boat Festival Captures Sweetness of Vrindavan

    As well as the kirtan procession, some fifteen boats filled with devotees glided across the Yamuna to Sringar Vat as the sun began to set. 

  • European Religious Leaders Hold Annual Conference and Visit Krishna Temple in Budapest, Hungary

    The main topic and the title of the conference was “The Role of Multi-religious Cooperation in Social Cohesion and Human Security.As part of the program, on May 7th the European religous leaders visited the Hare Krishna Temple in Budapest.

  • Sivarama Swami “Vlogs” on Current Issues Rack Up 20 Million Views

    A series of video blogs, or “vlogs,” featuring ISKCON guru Sivarama Swami giving a Krishna conscious perspective on current issues, have racked up over 20 million views on Facebook. Devotees behind the project see it as a way forward for outreach in the Hare Krishna Movement.

  • Sivarama Swami Promotes Religious and Racial Tolerance Amongst Children

    A school from Hertfordshire in the UK, which had been experiencing religious and racial intolerance amongst its students, made a very special visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor recently.

  • Srila Prabhupada's 40th Disappearance Day - Sivarama Swami 's Class in Mayapura
  • Book Review: Sri-Damodara-janani - The Perfect Kartika Read

    Sri Damodara-janani is the latest book from Sivarama Swami and the fourth volume of the Krishna in Vrndavana series, a unique retelling of the damodara-lila that weaves a captivating tale of the glories of Mother Yasoda. No other person has ever received the unique mercy that Krishna showed His own mother, teaching devotees for all time that the binding force of love for Him is more powerful than even His own supreme will.

  • Sivarama Swami - A Monk in Manchester

    A video by Ravi Talsania (Radha Damodar Das).

  • Sivarama Swami on Manchester Terror Attack

    On Monday May 22nd, twenty-two people, including children and teenagers, were killed by a suicide bomber at the Manchester Arena in England. Here Sivarama Swami expresses his condolences and shares his compassionate and thoughtful perspective on the tragedy.

  • Sivarama Swami’s Latest Book Praises Motherly Love

    Sivarama Swami’s latest book, the fourth volume of the Krishna In Vrindavana series, is hot off the press. Shri Damodara-janani weaves a captivating tale of the glories of Mother Yashoda. No other person has ever received the unique mercy that Krishna showed His own mother, teaching devotees for all time that the binding force of love for Him is more powerful than even His own supreme will.

  • New Eco-School Inaugurated In Krishna-valley, Hungary

    Krishna-valley in Somogyvamos, Hungary is one of the fastest growing villages in the area. In the past two decades, due to the hard work of the devotees, the 275 hectars of land has become Europe’s largest eco-village. There are 50 children living in Krishna-valley, who, by know, outgrew the original school building. Therefore it was time to build a new building, which, with its 200 square meters, 3 classrooms, big communal space could accommodate an additional 48 students.

  • The God Delusion Debate - Sivarama Swami and Dr Chetna Kang

    Dr. Dr Chetna Kang (Cit Shakti Dasi) interviewed and challenged Sivarama Swami on the authority of the Vedas and personal form of God at a Pandava Seni Alumni program in the UK.

  • Sivarama Swami Addresses World Peace Forum

    The World Peace Forum is a worldwide platform that brings together a large number of professionals of all backgrounds and from all corners of the Earth. Their recent meeting was held on October 2-3, 2015 in the European Parliament in Luxembourg and Germany, where ISKCON devotees were also invited.

  • Sivarama Swami on the European Refugee Crisis

    Sivarama Swami talks about his personal experience as a refugee fleeing Hungary in 1956, about his recent encounters with Syrian refugees in Budapest, and about the ancient Indian scriptures' teachings of how to treat people who are "different" from us. A video created by Janos Kapcsos, Laszlo Tas Balogh, Gandharvika Prema and Krisztina Danka, Ph.D.

  • Sivarama Swami on the European Migrant Crisis

    With the European public completely divided over how to treat refugees poring in from war-torn countries, whether Europeans should welcome them or be afraid of them, likewise, being at the epicenter of the crisis, Hungarian devotees have also expressed their concerns about the issue. Sivarama Swami addresses some of these concerns.

  • ISKCON UK Launch 50th Anniversary Celebrations

    A celebration to mark the launch of a year of events to commemorate 50 years of ISKCON was hosted on Saturday 20th June by ISKCON UK.

  • "Does God Exist" Debate with Sivarama Swami

    On the 19th June 2015, Sivarama Swami had a debate on the existence of God at the Pandava Sena Alumni program in the UK. Bhuta Bhavana Das played the role of an aggressive atheistic interviewer (Jeremy Paxman style).

  • Sivarama Swami’s “Krishna in Vrindavan” Book Series Released in E-book Format

    Sivarama Swami’s “Krishna in Vrindavan” book series has been recently released in e-book format and available at every major e-book store. The series consists of four books – the Venu-gita, the Na Paraye ’ham, the Suddha Bhakti Cintamani and the Krishna-sangati

  • Sivarama Swami: Spiritual World is Strategically Planned

    Sivarama Swami, a GBC leader, preacher, and educator in Hungary, Romania and Turkey and a member of the SPN’s Organizational Development Committee and Lines of Authority Committee speaks on strategic planning work helping to insure that ISKCON can become the movement Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya envisioned it to be. After all, he says, everything in the spiritual world is strategically planned and organized to the highest standard, for Krishna’s pleasure.

  • “Blossoming of Vedic Life in Rural Hungary”- Art Exhibition Opens in Budapest, Hungary

    On September 18th a special art exhibition opened at the Cultural Center of the Indian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. The “Blossoming of Vedic Life in Rural Hungary” exhibition displays over 40 original drawings from ISKCON-guru and author Sivarama Swami’s new book the Nava Vraja Mahima, a monumental work in glorification of New Vraja Dhama (or Krishna-valley), a rural Vaishnava community in Hungary.

  • European Religious Leaders Consult on Societies in Transition

    Leaders of faith communities across Europe have gathered in Geneva to consider the role of inter-religious dialogue and cooperation. 

  • Hare Krishna Peace Village - Glastonbury, UK, 1983

    Hare Krishna festival back in the day featuring Sivarama Swami, Indradyunma Swami, Dhrystadyumna Swami and others...

  • Sivarama Swami's Venu Gita Reprinted
    Elaborating on the Tenth Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam, through the conversations between young gopis, Sivarama Swami describes how tremendous is the effect of the sound of Krishna's flute on all the moving and nonmoving creatures of Vrindavan.
  • Does God Exist? - A Discussion between Sivarama Swami and Dr. Stephen Law

    Open Discussion on the Existence of God between ISKCON spiritual master Sivarama Swami and Dr Stephen Law at University College, London.

  • Is The World A Safer Place Without Osama Bin Laden?
    Is the world a safer place without Osama Bin Laden? I don`t think so. He is definitely a symbol of mindless violence, extremism, and terror, but at the same time, he is something else -- the symbol of the worlds karma. Although he as a vehicle is removed, but there will be someone else to replace him.
  • New Sivarama Swami Books to Feature Top-Notch Original Illustrations
    A new series of books by Sivarama Swami, called Nava Vraja Mahima or, literally, “The Glories of New Vraja Dhama,” will feature a high quantity of top-notch original drawings by ISKCON artists. The series, which is set to be released mid 2012, will be that largest book yet written by Sivarama Swami exceeding 4000 pages.
  • European Commission And Religions: Fighting Poverty Together
    In the European Year against poverty and social exclusion 2010 the European institutions engage in a dialogue with religious leaders, including Sivarama Swami ISKCON representative.
  • Sivarama Swami Receives Hungarian Gold Cross
    ISKCON guru and leader Sivarama Swami received the Gold Cross of the Hungarian Republic, the second highest award in the state, during a Diwali celebration this October 20th.