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  • Visitors from East and Southeast Asia Initiated in Mayapur

    Approximately 160 visitors from China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan recently went to Mayapur with  Giridhari Swami on pilgrimage.

  • Taiwan Finds Krishna Through Yoga at New Bhakti Yoga Lounge
    A stunning new ISKCON center in Taichung, the third-largest city in Taiwan, is beginning to attract local people to Krishna consciousness through the relatable medium of yoga, and through its beautiful facilities.
  • Taiwan: 'The Magic of Sound' Tour Well Attended

    His Holiness Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami and a three piece devotional band toured in the northern and central part of Taiwan for a week last December.

    ISKCON Taiwan's Bhakti-yoga Cultural Center organized the tour entitled "The Magic of Sound" to promote kirtan yoga in Taiwan. The band successfully performed seven times in various venues and in front different types of audiences.

  • Maha Mantra Inaugurates Buddhist Annual Ceremony

    This August 3rd, ISKCON Taiwan’s Bhakti-yoga Cultural Center was invited to sing Hare Krishna at the annual ceremony of the Taiwanese Buddhist organization Huayen World. The event, a fundraiser to support monks and nuns, was staged in the main gymnasium of the Taiwanese rural town Linkou.

    Organizers requested the ISKCON singers to inaugurate their “Worship of Heaven and Worship of Buddha Ceremony.” The maha-mantra, they said, would purify the space and the audience’s hearts.