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Articles tagged as Tolerance

  • Induced Selflessness

    “Should I get married or become a monk? Which one is best?”

  • Sivarama Swami Promotes Religious and Racial Tolerance Amongst Children

    A school from Hertfordshire in the UK, which had been experiencing religious and racial intolerance amongst its students, made a very special visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor recently.

  • Tolerating Phases of Bad Fortune

    Tolerating distress doesn’t mean that we become totally passive; it means that we act first for spiritual elevation, not material rectification.

  • London Mayor Breaks Ramadan Fast With Faith Leaders Shows Hope Amid Post-Brexit Racism

    A win for tolerance!

  • Maharashtra State in India Grants Jews Minority Status

    "Our loyalty also lies with India, this being the country that accepted us almost 2,500 years ago, and one of the only countries in the world which never persecuted the Jews in all these years,” Mr. Samuel said.

  • People Problems

    Conflict, friction and human disagreement is, unfortunately, a major part of daily life. Whether it’s the erratic driver who cuts in front of you, or crafty and cunning work colleagues pulling a fast one, unsavoury interactions can spoil our day really quickly.

  • Race, Caste, Gandhi and King in the 21st Century: A Dialogue With Pandit Dasa

    Discrimination, whether raced-based, caste-based, gender-based, or religion-based is springs from ignorance and has no spiritual value. It only serves to distance us from other human beings and from God. 

  • Hare Krishna and Blasphemy

    The members of the Krishna consciousness movement are fortunate indeed that blasphemy is no longer a capital crime in Britain. If it were, we would all have been burned a long time ago.

  • A Spiritual Solution to Religious and Racial Violence

    In theory, the solution to the violence is very easy. However, the application is very difficult because it deals with shifting one's consciousness and learning to see beyond all the external designations of an individual.

  • Revenge or Forgiveness: Which Road Do You Walk?

    Revenge, or "an eye for an eye" approach is becoming the predominating mood in society. We want things quickly, including our justice. We're running out of patience for just about everything.

  • The 90-10 Rule

    Tom Hanks' famous line in Forrest Gump is quite accurate. “Life is like a box of chocolates” he said, “you never know what you’re gonna get!”

  • Post 9/11 Testing of US's Religious Tolerance

    "What Would You Do?" by ABC is a hidden camera series where people are put into ethical dilemmas, given the choice between passively accepting injustice and standing up for what they believe is right.

  • Patience... Bitter Sweet

    The aspiring spiritualist must recognize the absolute necessity of patience in their practice. There may sometimes be doubts over whether any transformation is occurring, but determined practice over years will surely bear fruit.

  • Zero Tolerance?
    Krishna’s opening words of wisdom in he Bhagavad-gita are quite fascinating. Before even discussing the intricacies of God, the soul, the universe, for anyone seeking inner peace and spiritual connection, Krishna explains the absolute necessity of developing unyielding tolerance.
  • Embracing Unity in Diversity: Early Notes Toward a Rhetoric of Consciousness
    Srila Prabhupada sometimes told us that one definition of a brahmana is liberal, broadminded, generous, as opposed to the narrow-minded kripana, who is miserly and grudging—at best—in appreciating others with whom he does not closely identify.
  • URI's "Intolerance Ends with Me" Campaign Extended

    On September 1, 2011, URI (United Religions Initiative) invited people around the world to sign a pledge to take action against intolerance in their communities. With responses still coming in from more than 50 countries, URI is extending the campaign until November 16, the International Day for Tolerance.

  • Becoming Hindu and Finding the Essence of All Spiritual Paths
    Forty years ago, that kind Sikh gentleman opened a door to a spiritual quest by allowing me entrance into India. Recently I was reminded of this event, when I was granted the privilege of an audience with India's president, Pratibha Patil. I had to smile, recalling how dramatically things had changed in my life since my first entry to India.
  • Russia to Launch Muslim TV Channel
    Russia will soon launch a Muslim television channel in the hope it will foster tolerance after the capital saw some of the worst clashes since the fall of the Soviet Union.