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  • Stirring New Song “When Will I See You Again” Blends Bhajan and Spoken Word

    The epic 9-minute track captures the feeling of hankering after Vrindavan Dhama and devotee association during the pandemic, and the lifelong journey towards giving oneself completely to Lord Krishna.

  • Mayapur TV Español Provides Devotional Content for Spanish Speakers

    The purpose of the new channel is to make Krishna Katha accessible to Spanish-speaking people in every town and village through the Brihat Mridanga or “big drum” of the Internet.

  • “Deep Leap” Youtube Series Dives Into Practical Application of Philosophy

    Deep Leap, a new Youtube series from Bhaktivedanta College of Radhadesh, Belgium, is responding to the “overwhelming need” amidst ISKCON devotees for applied philosophy, with authentic solutions to modern challenges.

  • Senior GBC / Gurus Support Vaishnavi Diksa-Gurus in New Video

    In a video released today featuring Gopal Krishna Goswami, Bhakti Charu Swami, and Jayapataka Swami, these three initiating gurus and senior members of ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission (GBC) explain why they support the GBC resolution empowering women to serve as initiating spiritual masters in ISKCON. 

  • First UP Devotional Arts & Film Festival Screens Spiritual Music Videos

    The first annual UP Devotional Arts & Film Festival, which took place on March 8th at Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi Auditorium in Mayapur, focused on screening music videos by devotee artists from around the world. 

  • Sivarama Swami “Vlogs” on Current Issues Rack Up 20 Million Views

    A series of video blogs, or “vlogs,” featuring ISKCON guru Sivarama Swami giving a Krishna conscious perspective on current issues, have racked up over 20 million views on Facebook. Devotees behind the project see it as a way forward for outreach in the Hare Krishna Movement.

  • Faith Counts: Video Featuring ISKCON Devotees Among Best 10

     A 2-minute short film entitled “Transit Point” featuring Hungarian ISKCON devotees taking care of refugees arriving from war-torn Syria is among the best ten in the video contest run by Faith Counts, an American multi-faith organization with mission is to promote the value of faith.

  • Hare Krishnas Don't Celebrate Birthdays?

    Lavanya-keli and Isvari-kesavi are producing short outreach videos to give people some small insights into the Hare Krishna lifestyle. Subscribe to their channel:

  • New Hare Krishna YouTube Channel Gets Tens of Thousands of Views

    The 3t Path, a new YouTube channel, started by Giridhari Das, a Brazilian devotee who in the past has been in charge of the Portuguese BBT and been the President of the ISKCON Brazil National Council, has gotten over 30 thousand views since starting just three weeks ago, with 12 thousand views just on his japa meditation video.

  • ISKCON 50 Releases Three More ‘Inspiration Series’ Videos

    ISKCON’s 50th Anniversary Committee released three more video clips in continuation of the two that had been released earlier on 13th July, as part of the Inspiration Series. The new clips feature talks by Gopal Krishna Goswami, Bhaktivijnana Swami and Dina Sharana Devi Dasi, who discuss the importance of the 50th anniversary and encourage the worldwide community of devotees to participate enthusiastically in the celebrations around the globe.

  • ISKCON 50 Inspiration Series Videos Launched on Incorporation Day

    The ISKCON 50 Global office launched the Inspiration Series videos on July 13th, the exact day that ISKCON was incorporated as a legal entity fifty years ago in 1966. The Inspiration Series is a set of over 16 short videos that feature ISKCON leaders explaining the importance of the 50th anniversary of ISKCON and encouraging devotees to participate enthusiastically all over the world. 

  • Second Vaisnava Film Awards at Mayapur Festival 2016

    In 2006, there have been many "films" made since then. The time has come to honor the best productions during the past 10 years.

  • “Spirit Matters”: The Importance of Outreach Videos

    Spirit Matters a new YouTube channel developed by ISKCON devotees in New Zealand aims to give people insights into a more conscious way of living. The idea is to make it easy for people to learn about aspects of bhakti-yoga, mantra meditation and Krishna conscious living, and become inspired to enquire further about the knowledge they contain.

  • Muvi Studio Launches Video-on-Demand Service for ISKCON

    The International Society For Krishna Consciousness – in partnership with Muvi LLC has launched its Video-on-Demand (VOD) service with an aim to bring its library of spiritual and devotional content, such as lectures, films and documentaries, to ISKCON followers all over the world.

  • Sri Krishna Govinda (Official Video) - Govinda Sky

    Sri Krishna Govinda from the album Ocean of Mercy. Jaya Madhava Das (Vocals/Lyrics), Trevor Buckingham (Producer, Backing vocals, guitars,percussion etc), Eddie-ji (Guitar, backing vocals), Guest Backing vocal: Eamon Sefton

  • ISKCON News Video Contest: 1st Place Winner

    "Most High: Sri Isopanisad - Mantra One" by Mikey Jay (UK.)

  • ISKCON News Video Contest: 3rd Place Winner

    "Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh" by Gauragovinda Das and Suravarya Das (Croatia). 

  • ISKCON News Announces Video Contest Winners

    In the Fall 2013, ISKCON News called out to Krishna devotee videographers to send their short videos of inspiring Krishna-conscious people, stories, interesting Krishna-conscious projects, events or activities, or their Krishna-conscious music videos. There were over 50 contestants applied from 14 different countries, and shared their inspiring short films of various subjects, including festivals, spiritual retreats, Deity worship, outreach and artistic programs.

  • Krishna's Month Back Again After Two and a Half Years

    Purushottama Adhik Mas, the Vedic intercalary month that keeps the solar and lunar calendars aligned, falls between April 15 to May 13 this year.

  • Happy Krishna Consciousness World!
    The exhuberantly named "Happy Krishna Consciousness World" is a new television program presented by IT Media Concepts in collaboration with Gauranga Travels Youth Tour. The series will air on national TV in the Republic of Ghana, West Africa, and will feature news and interviews from ISKCON centers, festivals, and seminars across the globe.
  • Mahabharata Video Game in Production
    Canadian-based studio Syncere Arts is working on an action-adventure game based on the Mahabharata, an epic tale in Indian mythology. Mahabharata: The Dawn of Kaliyuga aims to let players feel as powerful as the ancient warriors while still providing a good challenge.