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The Montville (NJ, USA) Hare Krishna Temple ISKCON Hopes to Replace

By: for on Dec. 28, 2012
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MONTVILLE — For the past 30 years, members of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness of New Jersey, USA have made do with a nearly century-old Towaco mansion as their temple.

However, the deterioration and upkeep of the mansion has prompted temple leaders in recent years to pursue a new temple designed specifically for their needs, according to Madan Gopal das, an initiate temple priest. "Das" and "dasi" are respective titles for male and female priests in ISKCON.

Madan Gopal das said the design of the mansion had also created challenges for the group. As part of their rites, followers are required to walk a circle around the temple, known as circumambulate, but the design of the building forces them to walk in an L-shape, Madan Gopal das said.

"It's an essential compromise we had to make in those days, but that's what we had," Madan Gopal das said.

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