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The Passing Away of Devaki Mayi Dasi

By: for ISKCON News on Nov. 13, 2010
Devaki Mayi Dasi
Devaki Mayi Dasi left her body during the auspicious month of Damodar at 8pm in Guayaquil - Equador on the 5th of November. At that time in India was 6:30am the time when devotees and sadhus do meditation and chant auspicious mantras and that particular day the whole of India was getting ready to celebrate one of the most important days know as the festival of lights or Dipavali.

Devaki Mayi Dasi was only 20 years old, but her simple, beautiful and kind personality united in prayers devotees from every corner of the world, including her spiritual master Jayapataka Swami, Vaishnavas in Mayapur, Malaysia and Venezuela. In Malaysia a Royal Family member and the ambassador of Venezuela also expressed their support for Devaki and her family.

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