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Wellness Workshop Held for ISKCON Monks

By: for The Times of India on April 25, 2013

MUMBAI: Fitness expert Mickey Mehta conducted a wellness workshop for around 40 monks of the ISKCON temple on Tuesday.

Mehta spoke on various topics such as wellness through self belief, the importance of having an optimistic approach to life, sensible and intelligent lifestyle choices and the importance of ayurveda to increase the capacity for coping with physical, psychological and emotional challenges along with a few meditation and breathing exercises. Mehta also handed over a certificate of participation to the monks. Some of the monks performed yoga asanas like Surya Namaskaras and Shirshasana.

This initiative was undertaken by Mehta after his meeting with Gauranga Das, Vice President ISKCON (Chowpatty) who requested that wellness workshops be conducted for his monks.

Mehta, who runs a string of gyms across the city, promotes the healing systems of meditation and prayer science.

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