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  • Kazakhstan Picked to Chair OSCE
    Kazakhstan will assume the presidency of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in 2010, the body's council has decided. The Central Asian country will be the first ex-Soviet republic to chair the human rights and defence watchdog.
  • A New School Prayer

    The Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most American public schools anymore because the word "God" is mentioned. In response, a kid in Arizona wrote this NEW School prayer :

  • "One Nation Under God" on Trial
    San Francisco, CA - The phrase "One Nation Under God" went on trial here today, as Kevin "Seamus" Hasson, President of the Becket Fund asked a federal appeals court to overturn a ban on saying the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools. In 2005, atheist activist Michael Newdow had succeeded in convincing a Sacramento court to ban the Pledge in the lawsuit Newdow v. Carey because he found the two words "under God" offensive to his atheist beliefs.
  • Casteism Rampant Amongst Indo-Christian Communities
    Chennnai, Oct. 31: A group of Catholic priests wedded to the liberation theology are meeting next week to discuss ways to overcome casteism which they say has taken deep root in the Catholic church in Tamil Nadu. "Dioceses, parish councils and educational institutions are riddled with casteism and Christian dalits are discriminated against," says Father X.T. Selvaraj, one of the organisers of the conference.
  • Atheism is Cruel, Says the Pope
    POPE Benedict XVI has criticised modern-day atheism, saying it led to some of the "greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice" ever known. In his second encyclical, Benedict also critically questioned modern Christianity, saying its focus on individual salvation had ignored Jesus's message that true Christian hope involves salvation for all.
  • Torres Strait Islands at Risk from Global Warming
    GLOBAL warming is not just a theory in Torres Strait – it is lapping at people's doorsteps. The phenomenon is a visible reality as rising sea levels threaten to erase centuries-old island communities. Roads have been swallowed whole, buildings washed out, graveyards swamped and houses flooded in six of the most vulnerable low-lying island communities.
  • Don't Go Easy on the Turmeric

    Researchers at the University of Texas have concluded that curcumin, the dye that lends turmeric its yellow color, can block the biological pathway to melanoma and other cancers.

  • Men Happiest with Pay Rises if Others Get Less
    Gore Vidal once said that to succeed is not enough – others must also be seen to fail. Now scientists have demonstrated the innate truth behind this maxim. A study of the brain's "reward centre" has shown that men get the biggest buzz from a monetary prize when they know that it is a bigger award than that received by someone else.
  • Even Monkeys Go Ga-Ga over Babies
    Nothing makes a person sound more idiotic than the presence of a new baby. We start to babble senseless, often embarrassing, phrases. Sometimes even the baby shakes its head in disgust. But something about a baby turns us unto clowns. And it looks like we aren’t the only creatures to make such fools of ourselves over small members of our species.
  • The Calves of Simhachalam
    In an almost inexplicable irony, cows and calves are cruelly sent to their deaths via the famous Simhacalam temple of Narasimhadeva in Andhra Pradesh, India. Normally these animals are protected from such cruel treatment, yet due to strange political maneuvering, the current staff at this ancient temple auction them off regularly to local slaughtermen.
  • Visitor to Krishna Gathering Arrested for Sex Crime

    Boulder, Colorado – Hare Krishna devotees who host a weekly gathering for those interested in Krishna consciousness were horrified to learn that a semi-regular visitor to the gatherings is alleged to have sexually abused an 8-year-old girl. Joseph S. Cardillo, a 47-year-old resident of the nearby town of Niwot, was arrested in his home at the end of October on suspicion of sexual assault on a child by a person in position of trust.

  • Hindu Temple Brought Down in Malaysia
    KUALA LUMPUR: A top Malaysian minister has urged local authorities in this Muslim-majority country to immediately cease demolition of Hindu temples after a 100-year-old shrine was pulled down early this week.
  • Priests Fail to Coax Out Suicide Cult
    MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- Priests have tried unsuccessfully to persuade members of a doomsday cult to leave a cave in southern Russia where they remain barricaded inside despite the intervention of their leader.
  • Indian Ghee Contaminated with Animal Fat
    Laboratory tests reveal that many brands of ghee manufactured in India are adulterated with the body fat of animals. The lab report says the only way to guarantee the purity of your ghee is to make it yourself.
  • Kazakh Court Reverses Land Decision ... Again

    On November 8, 2007, the Supervisory Panel of the Almaty Provincial Court cancelled its decision on the transfer of 116-acre Krishna Society farm to Mr. E. Abdykalykov. The court ruled that the land be again returned to the Kazakhstan Government.

  • Priests at Jagannatha Puri Temple Detain ISKCON Devotees

    Nov 7, JAGANNATHA PURI, ORISSA — Three Indonesia-based ISKCON devotees, including two women, on Wednesday, November 7 were driven out of the Jagannath Temple by a group of priests who alleged that the three were non-Hindus.

  • Karma Capitalism
    Times have changed since Gordon Gekko quoted Sun Tzu in the 1987 movie Wall Street. Has the Bhagavad Gita replaced The Art of War as the hip new ancient Eastern management text?
  • Bishop and Tibetan Monk Bless Dogs in Washington, USA
    WASHINGTON, D.C.-—Episcopal Bishop John Bryson Chane of Washington National Cathedral and The Venerable Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa will bless dogs and cats waiting for homes at a D.C. shelter Saturday, November 3, on the eve of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (November 4-10).
  • Kazakhstani ISKCON Members Forced to Leave Homes

    On November 4, 2007, the practitioners of the Society for Krishna Consciousness were informed by Mr. Ermek Abdykalykov, previous owner of the property, that they have one week to vacate their farm.

  • Vedic Recitations in a Christian Church on Thanksgiving

    Recitations from ancient Sanskrit scriptures will reverberate in a Christian church in Nevada on the occasion of coming Thanksgiving eve service.

  • Organic, and Tastier: The Rat’s Nose Knows
    In any controversy it can be helpful to consider the views of disinterested parties. So, on the subject of agricultural policy and practice, it’s worth noting that an unimpeachably neutral group has joined the ranks of those who prefer organic foods over foods produced with the help of synthetic chemicals. That group is 40 Swiss rats.
  • Indians Develop New Iron Using Ancient Technology
    Indian metallurgists have developed a type of corrosion-resistant iron that construction engineers would love. And vital clues for it came for Delhi's famous Iron Pillar that has been standing tall for over 1,600 years.
  • Education Entrepreneur Takes Interest in Vedic Math
    Even with a math degree, Chris Kuttenkuler had never seen anything like Vedic math before. Now he cannot stop thinking about it. Vedic (Vay-dik) math refers to an ancient Indian system of mathematics rooted in 16 principles. Calculations can be completed mentally and solved without traditional math methods.
  • What Kind of Diet is Best for the Environment?

    As a longtime vegetarian, I've always been confident that my diet is better for the planet than that of your typical carnivore. But a vegan pal of mine says I could be doing a lot more, by rejecting all animal products—no eggs, no milk, not even the occasional bowl of mac 'n cheese. Is veganism really that much better for the environment?

  • British Government Asked to Intervene in Kazakh Crisis

    The British government is being urged to speak to the Kazakhstan President to stop the harassment and human rights abuse against minority Hindu communities in that country. British MP's this week said they would pressure the Foreign Secretary to act after attending an event organized by the Hindu Forum of Europe at the House of Commons.