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  • Seeds of Suicide
    Suicide by pesticide: It's an epidemic in India, where farmers try to keep up with the latest pest-resistant seeds only to find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of pesticides that don't work, drought and debt. Since 1997, more than 25,000 farmers have committed suicide, many drinking the chemical that was supposed to make their crops more, not less, productive.
  • Sweden Wants to Curb Religion In Private Schools
    STOCKHOLM, Sweden: Sweden wants to curb the influence of religion in private confessional schools in a move to prevent the spread of fundamentalism, government officials said Monday. The new rules being drafted by the center-right government would ban religious elements in subjects other than religion, such as biology, Education Minister Jan Bjorklund told Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
  • Scientists Play 'The Weather God'
    So-called hurricane modifiers aim to steer dangerous weather patterns off course and to weaken hurricanes in the hope of preventing disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Scientists have devised a plan to reduce hurricane wind speeds by having a plane drop soot into near-freezing clouds at the top of a hurricane, causing it to warm.
  • Obesity 'Epidemic' Turns Global
    People are getting fatter in all parts of the world, with the possible exception of south and east Asia, a one-day global snapshot shows.
  • Indian-American Wins Vote to Be Louisiana’s Governor

    NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 20 — Bobby Jindal, a conservative Republican congressman from the New Orleans suburbs and the son of immigrants from India, was elected Louisiana’s governor Saturday, inheriting a state that was suffering well before Hurricane Katrina left lingering scars two years ago.

  • Hindus Demand Ban on Offensive Bollywood Film
    The Vishva Hindu Parisad (VHP) has demanded a ban on the film Bhool Bhulaiyaa for its offensive and objectionable song on Sri Ram.
  • Airline Fined for Serving Beef to a Hindu Man

    Hindustan Times has reported that Japan Airlines was forced to pay a fine of 50,000 rupees for serving beef to a Hindu man on a flight from Dehli to San Francisco.

  • Citrus Sodas' Caffeine Content Tops Cola
    A new study shows that citrus-flavored sodas often have a higher caffeine content than the most popular colas. The research also found that caffeine content can vary widely from brand to brand, and even within a brand.
  • Goats Sacrificed to Fix Nepal Jet

    Nepal's state-run airline has confirmed that it sacrificed two goats to appease a Hindu god, following technical problems with one of its aircraft.

  • Book Review: Vishnu's Crowded Temple
    This book, written by an Oxford don, is a howler-seeker’s delight. Turning to the bibliography, I found a reference to T. Roy, A Countryside in Revolt: Bulandshahr District, 1857. The reference is to The Politics of a Popular Uprising: Bundelkhand in 1857-58. Has Maria Misra ever set eyes on this book, let alone ever read it?
  • Mobile Phones Boost Cancer Risk

    NEW DELHI: Chances of developing a brain tumour doubles for those who are hooked to their mobile phones. This has been found in a study conducted by Swedish scientists, which indicates that an hour a day on a mobile phone for a decade is enough to increase the risk.

  • Smart Blood?

    CHANDIGARH: Police are investigating a doctor couple for the death of their 11-year-old son, who died when they allegedly tried to transfuse his blood to his elder brother, Abhishek. The couple apparently wanted to make the elder brother better at studies and the mother had been advised to go for the transfusion by a guru in her dream.

  • Bad Marriage Causes Heart Disease

    A bad marriage might literally make you sick. Marital strife and other bad personal relationships can raise your risk for heart disease, UK researchers reported today.

  • Cow Manure Turned To Electricity At Organic Farm
    PETALUMA, Sep. 25, 2007 (BCN) - Manure from 240 cows at an organic Petaluma, California dairy farm is being converted into renewable electricity.
  • Why the Amish Forgive so Quickly
    A year ago, a shooter entered a one-room Amish school in Nickel Mines, Pa., dismissed all but 10 girls, and fired at them execution-style, killing five before shooting himself. Within hours, the Amish community forgave the killer and his family. News of the instant forgiveness stunned the outside world – almost as much as the incident itself did.
  • Friends of Vrindavana Cleaning up Pilgrimage Town
    To revive the pilgrimage town's cleanliness, Friends of Vrindavan began its 'Clean Vrindavan' program in 1997. Since then they've tidied up every corner of the town and inspired several other initiatives to serve its residents.
  • India Shows the Way in Organic Farming
    The concept of Organic farming can be traced to the Vedic period in India. Since time immemorial, in this land as old as the civilization itself, the essence has been to live in partnership with, rather than exploit, nature.
  • First Hindu Temple to be Built in China

    The first Hindu temple in Communist China is under development. The Chinese government has invited members of an Indian trust to design a replica of the grand Akshardham temple in Delhi.

  • US Family Tries Life Without Toilet Paper
    It is mid-afternoon in an airy, lower-Manhattan flat, on the ninth floor of a posh-looking building with a doorman. It is a bit dark and there are no lights on. There is a strange quiet feel to the flat, perhaps due to the lack of any appliances - no fridge humming, no TV interference, even no air conditioning, though it is hot and humid outside.
  • Scorsese to Direct Documentary on Harrison's Life
    Famous film director Martin Scorsese has committed to direct an untitled documentary about the life of George Harrison. Scorsese claims that the film will focus closely on the Eastern spiritual pursuits that were central to Harrison's life.
  • US Congress Seeks Recognition for Festival of Lights

    United States Congress adopted resolutions requesting the President to declare the Holy Hindu Festival ‘Deepavali’, or festival of lights, to give due and national recognition.

  • Mobifusion Launches Bhagavad-Gita For Mobile Phone

    Vodafone-Essar mobile users in India now have access to the entire Holy Bhagavad Gita thanks to a partnership with Mobifusion, one of the world's leading mobile content providers.

  • Swedish Dads Can't Walk Daughters Down the Aisle

    STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Brides in Stockholm who want their fathers to walk them down the aisle are likely to be told it can't be done, as some pastors are refusing to allow the practice they say is sexist, a pastor said on Friday.

  • Young Fliers See the Film, Be It PG or R
    A husband shoots his wife in the face, then drags her body from the pool of blood. A 12-year-old boy is crushed against a fence by a car. These are images from movies shown to passengers recently on overhead screens in airlines, and they are sources of a new and vigorous outcry from parents, flight attendants and children’s advocacy groups who say that in-flight entertainment has become anything but family-friendly.
  • North Korean Army Trys To Eradicate Religion

    Seoul (AsiaNews) – Religion “is spreading like a cancer inside North Korea’s armed forces;” for this reason it “must be eradicated without delay since it comes from our enemies from around the world,” this according to a booklet prepared by the North Korean Army titled 'Saving Our Soldiers from the Threat of Religion'.